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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back off our taxpayers, Flaherty tells U.S. | FP Street | Financial Post

The Obama regime is desperate and Obama thinks he has power and Obama does not understand that the power he has is limited, not only abroad but domestically... But that is Obama and this is Canada and Harper which is for whom Flaherty works; needs to understand that their power is hurting too many Canadians because of the same reason, taxes and more taxes.
Most taxes in Canada, and let the USA deal with Obama ambitions; need to be discontinued, starting with the Income Tax, corporate tax, gas tax, and a zillion other excuses to oppress the people that feed this leviathan called the government apparatus and which we are all waiting for Harper to deliver in his supposedly 'conservative' ideals. Unfortunately, this article feels more like a feud between bosses in a mafiosi 'arrangement' where is nothing but a distribution of territory. It can hardly be misconceived as demand for sovereignty when our 'leaders' need to go to Bilderberg, or whatever the name of that 'conference' is to check on what the elite command they should do with our economy, or when we must follow G20 or G8 or whatever G it si, just because we want to 'belong'. The establishment here in Canada or in the USA is what is hurting the common people who keeps being sucked and invaded and confiscated and oppressed and destroyed and then... it is our children fault and we do not understand what equality means and so marriage and family are what need to be taken off the way too... Much more of a point will be for Flaherty to loudly say, the people of Canada is free and the life of every Canadian, from conception to natural death is to be defended by the true Canadian spirit and throw Obama out telling the incompetent one to mind his own business. Taxes, as they are, is very silly argument to have, here or in the USA, because the establishment on either places, is eating their own people alive.
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