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Sunday, August 7, 2011

World leaders to confer on debt crises | Economy | Financial Post

Enough with conferences!
It is because of all these conferences, open or not, that the world is in the state it is. It is freedom what the people needs, not the ideals of this credit-card-and-mortgage culture that has become so destructive because it is fictitious.
The people need freedom through reality, not by living much more intensively while their lives are 'mortgaged' forever. While the institutions implanted to maintain the situation of 'plenty' keep being bailed out while the people is starving because the people 'must' pay for their mistakes not ever being bailed out. Bankruptcy is of course an option, but the people never has a fast recovery just because is too big to fail.

Enough with collectivism. Live will only get 'better' when people work for grow and prosperity the way God designed it to be, under the institutions of marriage and family, and by producing many children. It is not these institutions what are in the way, but the stupidity of pretending that one person can be 100% satisfied by the nanny state while the rest needs to pay for that. That is a recipe for universal selfishness.
No wonder how the world after the imposition of income taxation, has become so egotistical as to elect a person without a minute of experience in the real world, to handle the largest economy in the world, all on promises of 'hope and change'. Audacity for sure! Stupidity without a doubt, individualistic selfishness and nothing else.
The truth needs to reign over every corner of the planet and love, humility and forgiveness with it so that the people can restore faith, hope and charity into their lives.
This is not a crisis, but a manipulated moment to destroy nationhood on behalf of a fallacy, another one; called Global Government, which, no surprising, advocates the killing of children, disguised as women health matters or worst, women right to choose, as well as the destruction of families through the destruction of marriages. A government for the planet is nothing but a device to institute a super race to dominate ever aspect on behalf of an elite which will not recognize humanity. Wasn't in the last century ideologies that already wanted that and which 50million deaths later we 'hoped' to have fixed the problem? As a matter of fact, the Bible tells us of Nimrod and how God dealt with the problem and we do not learn, we refuse to do so.
There will always be different cultures, some more 'weird' than others and still peace, will only be possible by the absolute truth and for that God, as our creator is the One and only One that can assist with that, not conferences of leaders.
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