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César Fernández-Stoll
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Socialism’s God—Karl Marx: Was He Stupid, Insane…or Possessed?

I think this is more an stupidity taken into context by a very evil mindset which believes in the suppression of human dignity and its enslaving on behalf of elitism under the protection of progress as a flag offered by self proclaimed 'intellectuals' which only know of theories, because they are constantly kept by their own choice, out of the realities of life.

Karl Marx is only one in the constant exploitation of nonsense, thrown as theories but taken as facts only to reach ends of control and power for the purpose of maintaining a whole world at their mercy. Be it Charles Darwin, Engels, Nietzsche, or anyone, that produces a stupid theory that is found 'profitable' by the elites, the world will suffer their enforcement, be it by Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Robespierre, Rousseau, Obama, etc.
The devil has its ways and it is in the selfishness of the individualism pushed in the masses 'promising' everything and anything while delivering nothing, always ignoring the consequences or dismissing them as caused by the 'reactionary', those who still believe in common sense.
It is never ever them or their theories who cause the problems, they will always claim, but the people, who is too stupid or mediocre, which they keep telling us, to fulfill the role they, the elites assign upon us. There is no wonder that Obama finds so difficult to accept his role in the debacle of the American economy, not that others have lots to do with it, but he is only following their own rules, of blaming everyone else because, what they've done is a theory that should have worked only if the people had accepted it.
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