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Monday, August 1, 2011


It’s hard to commensurate on how many occasions we feel alone, abandoned to our luck, lost in the void, and if we are Christians, believing in Christ and His Word, we can never be alone. Of course, the counterpart is for those who do not believe in Christ, often is to feel desolated to the point of self-destruction. There are also those who do not believe in Christ but that practise or follow other faiths and their reaction to loneliness will undoubtedly vary depending on what is what they believe on.
When we are alone, believers or not, we tend to believe that all is left to us is God as if everything or anything was more important than Him or that His ‘job’ is to be our last resort, to be ‘there’ to help us just because we exhausted, consumed, expired; everything else.

The only living God, is not a God we seek but one that is constantly looking for us and after us, He is always and persistently looking for us. It is one of the clearer distinctions of the true nature of God. He is our creator and he therefore loves us beyond comprehension.
Of course there can be a bunch of other ‘gods’, as they have been understood in history across millennia, which constantly change in shape and intention and so they are pursued depending on what the intention is behind their elevation to deity. We seek those gods because we look to decide ourselves the way God can be of our service, and in the very moment we feel it is not serving our purposes, then the easiest option is to change god into something abandoning the only living One.
The truth is that God is always there for us and as He commanded that we are to love Him before everything and anything and over everything and anything, in that absolute truth; we are to answer to His call to guide us, not after everything fails or doesn’t, but before we even try, because only with Him, God our omnipotent and almighty creator, we can count on successful outcomes every time, be it the project of our whole life or the smallest one.
Naturally because the Holy Spirit has blessed us with His gifts that define our dignity and our freedom; we have the choice, not as a right, but as a consequence of the gifts placed in our humanity because we’ve been created to His image and likeness, and so we are free to let Him in our lives at any point in time or to abandon or to ignore Him and just follow our own interests, as understood only by us. In our arrogance and selfishness, we seem not to be able to realize on the experience of the original sin and we find ourselves alone, trying to be like God by putting Him aside, out of our way.
How are we with God? How is that we can let Him in our lives, before during and after, our decisions and choices? By following what He asks us to do and not to do, by following His commandments, which as Jesus resumed consist in loving God over and above everything and anything before loving our neighbours as ourselves.
Christ Word taught us to love, to seek the truth and live the truth, to be humble, to forgive our enemies and everyone or anyone who trespasses against us, to be the last among the last ones, to love our enemies and to put our other side to be hit again should someone had hit us. What can be so difficult or wrong about it?
Only if we want to be alone it will be so, because with God, by leaving everything for Him, we cannot be alone, will never be alone.
We are in the XXI century, 2000 years since the birth of Christ. The history of the world did not start then; many other events happened by much longer time before Christ the only Son of God came as a man to redeem us, to His incarnation, passion and death on the cross.
The world is old but it seems not because of that, so much advanced. The fact that it is technically advanced does not guarantee that it is socially advanced, in fact, it seems that as time passes and humans become more and more daring to ‘liberate’ themselves from God; constantly we find ourselves making us less and less human, in the way to ‘reach’ to those objectives.
In the XXI century we see that while many syndromes are being uncovered when not discovered, people seem to wonder why is that we keep finding more and more illnesses, why if societies are fulfilled by the words of philosophers dismissing the truth of God; stress and depression abound and diabetes incidences increase and cancer and heart conditions and… humans have built elites for that and the elites dictate that the problem is what we eat, against what Jesus said that it is what comes from our mouths what is damaging as opposed to what we eat, and then again, because that does not work well without imposing upon the people the wisdom of the elites, it is the freedom humans have what is the reason for so many plagues on our times and the amount of people, because children are not a blessing as Jesus taught us, but a menace to the life style of many women who refuse to be mothers but not to engage on what used to be exclusivity of the prostitutes to do as a social problem, and even prostitution is considered now just another job and it is because humans are not having enough pleasures and if it is money what the problem is, it is because the system should be the exclusive one to distribute it because freedom is only relative to the preaching of the elites, because the truth is relative and the spiral will keep growing in the universe, this ‘something’ that now is placed back into that idolatry thing of antiquity,  of other times, because, according to the new religion, or no-religion because talk religion is a new taboo,  it is the universe which wants things and what humans should look after, because humans need to forget God by embracing evolution which nature is nothing but ‘luck’ or more clearly put, what the universe wants through chance, karma or charms or whatever is used to convince the weakest minds. As much as we feel inclined to be on our own, we will be alone, and that means being away from God our creator, the only ones that loves us, not just after everything stop working, but before we even try even if we chose to ignore Him, He is always there for us to mean good for us.
Going back to basics, a preferred tool for analysis, God created us not to be alone. As the Bible depicts it God created a woman to accompany the man He had created and out of the two He gave us a family, out of two; one man and one woman, and nobody else, in union before Him to procreate, to be blessed by grow and prosperity, His mandate for preservation and multiplying to worship Him in our lives.
The plague in the XXI century continues and the elites now demand more, beyond asking for the lives of innocent children and elders so that they can keep trying to prove that their supplanting of God ‘works’, they need too to try to destroy the institution of marriage and family and what better way than to make men equal to women in gender confusion.
By transforming, in the same way other cultures transform the holy name of God into idols or other type of whatever, by transforming marriage and family into something so sterile as same-sex marriage alongside our dignity and our freedom in collectivism, in the name of which, elites are making us lonelier and lonelier, alone in a world that only wants from us while telling us it is us and only us, who matters.
Selfishness is the most destructive force and it is the clearest description of what being alone means.
Humans will be alone as much as humans want to keep letting God last in our lives.

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