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Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Is the Fascination With Casey Anthony? - Sandy Rios - Townhall Conservative

Some times we must be much more perceptive than what our own impulses dictate. The case of Casey Anthony is not about her, it is about her child, for whom, apparently, never will be justice, not world justice this is. However, what it is to be highlighted and noticed here is the trend our society is following. No, the MSM is not addressing this matter, but it is coming out and popping before our eyes, and we, tend to dismiss this as yet another media exaggeration and sure, HLN must have made millions at its expense.

The more clearer point is the dehumanization of society, and it is not the circus surrounding this case, which I must say, at least it is bringing outrage on many to realize how low we've fell.
What is the difference between a 'mother' killing her two and a half year old daughter, whichever way she ended dying and then throwing her to a swamp... and say a 'mother' deciding that a child in her womb is not wanted and so destroying him/her? Is one case more 'humane' because the child was smiling and playful? Or is it less humane? Where is the difference and how is it that this is going to change in terms of justice or worst, our own perception of reality regarding good or evil?
We know that those who advocate the destruction of the unborn as a 'right to choose', are now admiring China's policy of one child per family and so they are pushing for the monstrosity to be 'imposed' and 'enforced' throughout the UN.
Can ti get any worse?
Maybe next will be to just throw two year old, girls first because already for some cultures they are less useful than boys and then, why boys not as well?
An then we can go without boundaries and reach levels of barbarism as not even barbaric society could conceived.
Yes, the media is overwhelming on presenting these case but it always be up to us to take them and reflect on what this is doing to our society and to our souls. Divorces seem to be on the increase while NY 'legalize' a mockery of marriage just because. and the Anthony family is presented as 'dysfunctional' and we are supposed to blindly follow what the lawyers that had the nerve to qualify other people as morally bankrupt say, while dare not to mention but once at the moment of toasting with champagne for the gross miscarriage of justice perpetrated, even though the jury had no real choice; the name of the little girl abandoned in a swamp.
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