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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scott Stinson: Harper’s trick was making Conservatives less conservative

The establishment that is what is only collectivist. Call it liberal or Liberal, or NDP and Bob Rae, is of any of the above, so he is not one to talk about Harper who no, is not conservative but of the Conservative party which is equivalent by now to that other fallacy, that the Liberal party is the 'natural governing party' in Canada.

The tragedy of Canada is yet one other fallacy that we are doing 'great' economically. We are taxed to the bones and worst, there appears not to be way out except to embrace the USSR style, by letting the government to do everything for us and to dictate how we are supposed to live or die. The establishment of oligopolies and no competition all it does is to allow to maintain products at prices that are most of the times twice or thrice as much as just across the border and no, it is not because the USA, thanks to the Democrats is destroying their economy, it is because we are subjected to our own government, sorry, establishment. Our society is captive of credit which Harper did not hesitate to bail before they even asked for it making us all pay, by not getting raises, paying higher prices and so on. The collectivist society is flourishing and the people is sedated with what the government offers and of course, any potential opposition, and I am not talking about NDP, which is completely out of being the official opposition and keeps playing its regular third rate role, without realizing that Harper has now a majority. I am talking about a real alternative for the people to look into, a true conservative alternative.
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