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César Fernández-Stoll
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

History Books Get Gay Makeover - Michael Reagan - Townhall Conservative

Appears to be the idea that Alexander, allegedly a sodomite, conquered just about the whole know world, because of what he did not so privately, which is what sodomites are all about; not because of the great general he was... and then history show us that well, he died at everyone does and now... we are suppose to admire his sodomy and not so much his military accomplishments, which by the way, showed not to be as cohesive as his empire did not last too long.

However, this is not about Alexander or so many prominent sodomites out there, some legitimate, some conveniently described as such by the so called 'gay movement'. Is it critical to know what a great general, or a great composer or a great scientist or anyone of the great ones in history, has any obscure personal inclinations?

I think it might be misleading and dangerously destructive to society. What would be the result of the discovery that Hitler and his likes, was a sodomite, Will that be considered to be the reason of his evil outcome? I think the obsession to destroy family and marriage and society as we know it altogether, is going way beyond reason and common sense, as their whole cause is and it is dangerously going under the law of unwanted consequences. We know already what that does and too much misery populates the pages of history shown with the blood of the innocent under the yoke of the ones that will try to make their 'perfect ides' work regardless, because it will always be the rest who is wrong and never ever the perversity of their own ideas... or ideals.
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