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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FP Letters to the Editor: Closing loopholes benefits everyone, Flaherty says | FP Comment | Financial Post

Anything the government tries is doomed to destroy, particularly families and household economies. What is needed is to put and end to the establishment built across the last decades to create a governing class if not an oppressive one. There is nothing monetary any government can 'give' because they have confiscated in the first place, many times over. The only thing governments can provide is protection for life and freedom so that the market flourishes and families can prosper and grow, yes, grow, with many children to supply the future with talent and resources to continue growing and prospering.

Enough with the fallacies and enough with the establishment, the culture of oligopolies, parasites and predators that keep polluting the environment, the economic environment this is, with their infectious hunger for more and more while not giving anything but requests for more.
The nation can only survive with their own base, raised and grown from within. Immigration is necessary, specially in a country so spacious as Canada is, but under Canadian laws and from within, not without.
The absurdity of making economy because the wrong kind of immigration is coming to impose what is not part of our nation, only generates division and disintegration, of society while implanting foreign ones. Surely there are other cultures, which are not ours, regardless of how much multiculturalism nonsense we trey to 'learn', which will bring money, not necessarily by people with intentions of prosperity and grow in the Canadian culture, but most of the times, bringing money that has been generated by taking our industrial capacity abroad, or on the other hand, immigrants which are so absent of our own cultural realities that they absorb 'help' to do what they are supposed to be doing on their own, which is adapting to the Canadian national culture.
The government has become the worst of the parasites because is depraving families from vital resources to invest in Canada. We do not need television commercials asking ask to invest in our country, we need the ability to do so by having enough cash left for the job to be done.
Of course, this is not all, and much more is in urgent need to be attended, because the consequences are not just economic, but social in particular, because the culture of collectivism that has fermented thanks to the establishment which imposes elitism, as what is described above on Mr. Flaherty terms for complacence. Thanks to this culture where people is supposed to do less and less under the illusion of receiving 'gifts' from the government families are being asked to have less children and mothers are being ask to kill their children under the idea that sexual pleasure can replace the blessing of being women and mothers, empowering them in the belief that gender is non existent and and of course marriage have been abruptly terminated as well as mocked as being unions of anything and anything instead of what really is; one man and one woman united before God.
You see, everything is linked together and the government is after all nothing but something run by humans which can be as holy as they can be or as corrupt as they can be, although we all know that if power corrupts, absolute power, corrupts absolutely and so the situation goes. Taxes might for some very limited reasons, 'required' but in excess beyond those very limited reasons, they are vehicles of slavery, oppression, intimidation, and tyranny.
The government only action to help the economy, is to stay as far away from it as possible
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