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Saturday, July 9, 2011

An Establishment in Panic - Pat Buchanan - Townhall Conservative

Taxes equate slavery, period. Yes some taxes are a necessary evil, but evil nevertheless and so the reason why taxes, need to be simple and small and specially applied with wisdom, because otherwise, there will be no winners, not even the elites in power who foolishly promote them.
It is hard to forget when the Democrats were full in power, not passing a budget and then see them crying crocodile tears asking for the GOP or rather for the Tea Party to be not so, selfish(?!).

And who can forget the passing of laws where the representatives of the people were not needing to read them because they need to sign fist or the ones passed overnight on a Saturday so that the people would... could, not be aware of.
It is not to say much for the GOP but certainly it is lots and lots to say against the Democrats.
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