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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Toronto mayor to skip Gay Pride parade | LifeSiteNews.com

Good for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for resisting the 'pressure' and putting his family first. It is important to see through the insistence for his assistance, because it is being said that this is a spectacle that bring tourism to the city and it is not 'political' even though politicians are being dragged to the disgraceful event with the purpose of engaging political acknowledgement and recognition.

Pride has many aspects and there very damning and sinister ones not to add sinful ends, that people get confused and dragged into believing.
What is it that this event 'celebrates' anyways?
A supposed 'birth' defect that forces people to sodomy?
A freedom to engage into sodomy? I guess it is sodomy and nothing but sodomy or licentious sex between whoever and... whatever? Is that a reason a city must surrender its virtues to? ...for economical gains that only can be perceived in pressure by special groups onto weak leaders of corporations that see more value in their name being muddied by their participation than on any moral stand.
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