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César Fernández-Stoll
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

NATO says hit military targets in Libya's Brega

Enough with the absurd! Wars are fought to win and to win, every resource should be devoted to victory, as there is no substitute but victory for the outcome of every war.
That is why wars need to be cautiously left as a last resource, not as a jump in try to play politics at the expense of the people, be it the one on our countries, financially impacted, or of the ones suffering by the ideals that move them, which are not necessarily under the same intentions as the ones sold to 'justify' the aggression.
If the quest is for justice, then we should engage on a general and global war against each and every regime that wee consider to be contrary to our moral beliefs. This is not accepting moral equivalence but rather discretionary assessment on the extremes of war.
A just war then must be one fought in the name of preservation defending the interests of the country, our country, and nothing else. For conquering the souls of the people under despotism and tyranny, the solution is to appeal to the truth and love, not to try to play war games, real ones, which undoubtedly end up massacring innocent people. Each conflict needs its own evaluation, but the common denominator is fight to win or not fight at all.
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