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César Fernández-Stoll
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Saturday, June 11, 2011


We are all ignorant pretending to know everything.
There are those ignorant because they did not have the opportunity to acquire education as well as there are those who had the opportunity and still they chose to remain as ignorant or more as they could ever be.
Christ on the cross, asked God the Father; Father forgive them because they do not know what they are doing; and He was including every single one of us; Romans, Pharisees, and everyone else, because through our ignorance we had perpetrated the injustice of the crucifixion and decided to just be quiet and observe, enjoy the spectacle.
Jesus showed us with His resurrection that we have hope and that life does not end with our path through the world.

Then came Pentecost and the Holy Spirit came over the apostles and they were gifted with special powers to reach the confines of the earth and disseminate the word of God, building Christendom.  
As the time comes again this year to celebrate once more that moment in history, where common people, of very humble origins and conditions, were blessed by God, instituting His Church to become the body of Christ; we must reflect on our current point in history, in which ignorance appears to be still reigning and prevailing for all the wrong reasons and on which the development of communications seems to be exploited more to perpetuate ignorance than to bring the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
It is of course important to recognise the gifts of the Holy Spirit we all have and by which we have; knowledge, understanding, council, science, strength, piety and fear of God; and to realize that none of these gifts can work independently without letting us fall into that obscure area of ignorance or put the other way around; the sole dismissal of one of them, forces us into maintaining our ignorance.
In no moment in history is perhaps education more available to so many as it is today in the second decade of the XXI century, yet ignorance goes rampant and mostly on the ones that actually had education available to them and worst, on the ones that were meant to educate.
In our days, education, at all levels, has become a nightmare for parents and students, because we see the assaults it is receiving from Kindergarten up, by policies which the ignorance, of the ones in power allow to impose over society overall, just because ignorant elitist and self-described ‘gurus’ tell them that education is what they say it is and not what God meant for it to be, and so they allow and introduce and institute a process of social re-architecting which forces people into ignorance for the benefit of establishing the idea that humans are really all mediocre excepts for those reaching that level of highest education but which at the same time is polluted by the ignorance of those who try to shape education to their own designs.
Parents, by the grace of their own natural condition, dream with their children achieving high education and of course, beyond that, high recognition by society on what they will become proficient and graduated and so, the idea of disturbing that process from the early years becomes imperative to the ones that see only themselves at the helm of this illusion called the collectivist society.
The best way before them to penetrate education, considering that it is in the early years when parents maintain the focus more closely engaged with the uprising of their children, when their dreams are more entrenched and solidified; is by creating a sense of social justice where sectors of society where the child is completely absent from, needs to be ‘engaged’ before risking being absorbed by his/her natural awareness towards life and what through life, the world offers as mischief and what parents need to expose as such into the minds of their children so that they grow protected from those mistakes. Typically, sodomy dressed as homosexuality, feminism, sexuality, social justice, common good, etc. are tools that wrongly represented, become poison in the minds of the youth.
Of course, this trend does not stop and goes all the way to university and even professional life, because the evil of this kind of ignorance imbued by the system which grows external to God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit; will go all the way to the end of life, ignoring individuality, identity and the dignity of the human person, because their purposes have not change since when they represented in the Bible by the temptation that made us all condemned ourselves to death.
The ones that claim to be above everyone else and not as ignorant as the masses are; play the game the damned one has placed over and over before them outstandingly and so throughout the times, they have built this ideal in the world that recognises no eternal life while pretending that eternal damnation would not exist because humans after all, have reached the condition of deity that was offered at the beginning of times. How ignorant people can get to be?
Ignorance is clearly noticed when even a single one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is dismissed so that one or the other is exploited and that, is clear nowadays across the whole educational process and it is most evident in the university, where academia has distorted so much the idea of higher education that professionals are coming completely lacking the vocations that should have provided them with the motivation and impulse to become good professionals, reliable and successful because what they are capable of doing as opposed to what they are being told to do, or how.
Many professions have been ‘conceived’ by academia, prompted mostly by that premise that it is the function of the state to provide education to children which of course, appears to carry no evil, except when parents are removed from the whole process under the premise to be them ‘polluting’ the minds of their children with their ‘polluted’ ideas.
As the gifts of the Holy Spirit distance us from ignorance, they also define our freedom and so being created to God’s image and likeness; we become also responsible and accountable for our own deeds and we still have the ability to correct course and to reconcile ourselves with the truth of our Lord.
Freedom is a gift of God and as such we have very fundamental freedoms to enjoy and which are not changeable by any system designed by humans, such as that of creed or religion, opinion, association, expression, movement, etc.
When society takes the path of dismissing God as some matter of pollution being implanted in the minds of their children; then the freedom of religion becomes invaded by the religion of others.
Ignorance is a calamity and should be fought by making education available to each and every one as long as education itself is properly identified within the context of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as under any other conception it becomes a vehicle of making that ignorance even more entrenched and the object of manipulation by those elites that claim to know more than everyone else.
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