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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hypocrisy – The trial of Casey Anthony

Throughout all these days, or weeks, the media circus is once again engaged on a trial in Orlando, Florida, that becomes famous as opposed to the trial of the famous, like in the days of O. J. Simpsons ‘situation’.
The accusation is centered against Casey Anthony who allegedly has something to do in the death of her three year old daughter and of course what is proved her to be is a compulsory liar and so, everything goes against her on her daughter disappearance and eventual finding of her death body and the trial continues.
But the point on putting that word, hypocrisy, up front in the title on this note is the blatant miscarriage of justice, no, not against Casey because she is still in trial, but against children altogether. Would not be this the perfect moment to ask…
Why a decision of a mother to terminate the life of a child be more a ‘murder’ when the child is three years old than what it is before in her life, when the law and the press, simply ignore the fact and tend to report it, if at all, as a case of woman health, as a right of a woman to go on with her life, ridding herself of that ‘intruder’ in her life, her offspring of course.
Of course, I am purposely avoiding mentioning the time before the three year old I am implying or when in the life of the child the press and the law suddenly awakes and starts treating the termination of life as a crime and not as a ‘right’.
On Casey’s accusation, the presumption, which of course, always, should be of her innocence, before throwing her as guilty and it does not matter what my own perception is on the matter; the idea persistently exposed is on how ‘inhumane’ she was by apparently ‘party’ all around while her child was missing for 31 days on her own assertion. Naturally, the immediate reaction is of outrage because after all, she should have been worry, to say the least. But she was enjoying life, which forces anyone to believe in her culpability because a mother is actually choosing to kill her daughter so that selfishly, she can go on with paying attention to her life. Of course her daughter was at the time of death three years old and then again, as this was then 2008, or three years ago, the child would be now six, but what about 2005?
Was the child less of a child then? What about nine months before that?
The ones that find a solid line between birth and not, argue that this exists and actually and as the basis for partial abortion, they claim that while a minuscule portion of a baby is in the mother’s body, it can be disposed of because actually, it is not a baby yet, not a human person.
But, what moral basis, or scientific, for that matter, exists to support such a ‘transformation’?
Claims go back and forth, measured in weeks trying to pinpoint that magical moment, any moment but conception, when the human being appears from that ‘tissue’ formed as a consequence of sexual intercourse and the intention is to politically find that acceptable ‘compromise’ that can keep everyone’s conscience calm and relaxed, acknowledging that because the people is ‘happy’ then God should be too… But the law is not to replace God but to rather be in accordance to His will.
Life starts at conception and through natural death and Casey Anthony is on trial because of a potential violation of the right of her daughter to live. The question is why, any other daughter or son, is not given the same protection by the law if they happen to be, ‘at least’, a bit inside their mother body?
Rape or not rape, ‘accident’ or no accident; still it is the human being inside the woman’s body who is dismissed as a thing ‘worth’ considering removed, terminated, killed; whose age is completed disregarded and because of political perception, period, because allegedly women, will be happier that way.
As far as the right to move on with her life; should not Casey Anthony ‘enjoy’ the same right as the millions of women who exercise their ‘right to chose’ for the death of their children?
Is the premise of our days… if you do not want that baby, kill it now or face trial… later?
Hypocrisy is the word that joins selfishness; as the reason, behind this calamity of our days but, don’t let me interrupt the circus, sorry, the trial, and let’s see how much inhuman has Casey Anthony has been for choosing herself over the life of her daughter… Should she be found guilty this is… and if not, then still, where is the outrage to come from, as after all, a human being at such an early age enjoys the protection of the law because…(?)
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