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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Robert Fulford: Bin Laden’s cult of hate will live on - National Post

Osama Bin Laden will continue because it's being kept high on that altar of notoriety. He, as many political worms all over the planet, has abused the faith of the people to force himself to be above and to command by terror what everyone and anyone is supposed to do or not do. And the notoriety of his moves and dictates was used to perpetuate fear. The other side of the coin is much more sad and dramatic, because the world, has chosen to keep the adepts to this monster growing, because the likes of this individual uses the thirst for hope, for being, of people relegated to nothingness by their inconsequent lives of emptiness.

Sure religion plays a great role on convincing his adepts to ‘martyrdom’ and ‘sacrifice’ and the promises have to do always with what is beyond death but yet humanly desirable.

The war on terror by virtue of the fear the people had to live under has made of this monster an equal of the devil, as if this was yet another horror movie where the damned is capable to destroy our souls even if we resisted to it. And yet, Obama Bin Laden is or was, nothing but a poor lost human soul trying to live above and on top of everyone else. Is the fact that he gave his ‘martyrs the pass to heaven’ before his own, his act of selflessness? Or is it nothing but an instrument of evil on people that has been too much enticed onto the wrong idea of God and salvation in the first place.

Religion believes and the gods of each religion is what makes them not only unequal but contrary to each other, in perpetual conflict and controversy and the main engine of manipulation is when assuming the role of gods.

There can only be one and only one living God, or otherwise, the nature of his omnipotence would be destroyed or reduced, to say the least, to being just another mortal human being. God can only but real because all the gifts we enjoy as humans can only be provided by Him and no one else is in capacity to give so much and yet allow us to be so free in our determination and actions as well as decision.

The saddest end of Osama Bin Laden’s end is the use of this for political ends as opposed to for once and for all is clear on the main factor in the life of this monster that fear is not an option and most certainly, terror is to be persecuted and destroyed.

If Osama Bin Laden was able to use the deplorable conditions of the Middle East for his purposes is not necessarily because he was a faithful follower of his religion, but because he had the appropriate conditions to execute his plan in the people in that area who share his culture and beliefs.

Islam is not the most dangerous in the world, even if the materialistic world decides it is because the most dangerous religion in the world will be atheism, or agnosticism, either believing only in the self and the enhancement of the ego, never ready to give but to themselves first and then after and if they give anyone else, it has to be with a purpose oriented to satisfy that self.

Perhaps it is important to realize then on what the Middle East is and how is that people do not seem to think on their own to the point of being able to be persuaded that ‘martyrdom’ is killing innocent people, even if oneself is included, or that ‘sacrifice’ is as well destroying life so that the selfishness of their monarchs and the hypocrisy of their leaders can prevail and live forever.

Suffering is a human sentiment, a feeling that make us to be close to God as He is the one who can provide us with not just explanations for our predicaments but as well as hope to live through pain.

The problem of Osama Bin Laden is not just a manufacturing of the Middle East but also of the West and the East, of the whole world, because it is through the forgetting of forgiveness and the ignorance of Jesus commandments to love God first and above everything and anything and then our neighbour as ourselves; that the world has chosen to be mostly, the worst, mostly atheist and agnostic and thereby mostly selfish and hypocritical.

Oil is by no means a very strategic commodity which free flow needs to be protected and the world has progressed to the point of dependency on such a product. But if before, colonialism, was capable to carry on cultural contributions to other less prosper cultures, today, the cloud of political correctness has created a global culture of relativism which blocks the ability not only to demand equal treatment but that as well imposes restrictions in exploration for what is even outside of the Middle East.

The problem of Osama Bin Laden is a problem that is consequential to a world that has lost its moral trend and that has become too politically dependent and absent to the truth of God.

The problem is not religion and it is not religious fanatics unless by that is meant the godless atheists fanatics that grabbed the momentum to germinate treason by making the figure of this monstrosity of the XXI century to the level it was, unnecessarily.
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