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Saturday, May 28, 2011

G-8: $40B sought to help fund Arab Spring - Washington Times

As if Money is the cure for everything. Appreciating the sumptuous palaces and other indicators, I doubt it is lack of money what hurts in the Middle East. I think that the best way in which the whole region can be benefited; is by exposing it to the truth. This does not mean a cultural invasion or anything of the kind. What this means is, as in the rest of the oppressed world or with the appearance to be; that the people be free and that live the truth of their possibilities.
What are the elements of control in the so called ‘Arab Spring’?

Exactly! They do not exist. If the idea is to emulate the plan Marshall, clean up that stigma of guilt over the situation in the Middle East, trying to impose a plan similar to the one applied to Europe at the end of World War II; the conditions are much different, as Europe was in ruins and the allies had ‘won’ in a world with a Cold War just starting.
In the current ‘Spring’, what exists is a world ‘after’ the Cold War, ‘lost’ by the Soviets, but in a world more and more inclined towards a Global government, which is a terrible idea, but not being the case, only leaves the point to create an unknown as through the last ten years of war against terrorism, it has been seen the generalization of cowardice of a world saturated with money before an advance of Islam behind a screen of peace like a custom exploiting that fallacy known as multiculturalism.
If the money is what cure everything, why is it that there are today no industries in the Middle East as they are in Asia, Europe and America?
It is not a problem of people, it is a problem of the system and the oppression. The Arab world and for that matter, let’s include the Persian world and in general the Muslim one; it is not a world of dumb, but of people perfectly capable and who can solve their own problems and vicissitudes. The problem is the stagnation due to not being exposed to the truth.
The development of communications has performed marvels for the dissemination of the truth but also has exposed the falsehood and it is nothing but the freedom that peoples enjoy what permits to find that truth as a fundamental ingredient for truly and lasting peace in the Middle East.
It is not the money but the leaders what will determine the true path the so called ‘Spring’ takes and the only leader capable of providing what is necessary to reach everything is Jesus and His Word.
Love, truth, humility and forgiveness.
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