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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Charles Krauthammer: Making sense of Obama’s Middle East speech | Full Comment | National Post

Peace can only be possible with the truth, and absolute truth, not a relative one. It can be argued that Israel has its truth and that Palestine and with it, the whole Arab and Persian world has its own truth; but still the actual fact is that only one truth exists and if peace is the word so much utilized across decades of negotiations, then peace needs to be that elusive truth, the common goal, the point of concurrence.

Unfortunately, peace is too made relative to the political winds in the Middle East. If the existence and presence of Israel is not going to be 'accepted' not to say 'tolerated' in the area, why then not just embrace the side that calls for its disbanding and wait for the outcome. 

But it's been seen across many decades as well, that many wars have been fought precisely with that objective and that still the objective seems to be that, unchanged. Before, during and after the 1967 war, the six day war; the goal has been the same and it is 'unchanged' and now, a President that never worked in private life and so without an actual clue on how realities of life are; spends years to bring down the Bush doctrine in the Middle East only to end up embracing it and then again, proposes not to go to the beginning, nor to put and end to the conflict but to find a spot 35 years ago where nothing really changed, except that some Arab countries lost territory in a war designed to destroy the one, but where the 'one' ended up increasing its security by expanding its area of security. 

I think it is either incompetence of Obama or his hidden brotherhood to the many, that makes this possible. Things are definitively worst.
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