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Friday, May 6, 2011

An attack on our liberty

And this is where 'progressive' comes to play on 'playing' the 'Conservative' game, falling to the same ideals collectivists have under their sleeves to claim they really and truly are looking for us, our safety and our security.
The problem is on how much freedom we have not only for our discretion but our right to decided on our own what is or it is not.

Collectivist Canada for years now have passed and we are all living under the excuse of fighting drug-wars and terror-wars; many devices which restrict if not destroy our freedoms and most basic liberties. And we have gone even to the extent of instituting a second tier of justice, a tribunal, to look after our 'conduct' so that our level of political correctness is constantly measured.
We work hard for our earnings and government after government, keep telling is it is not ours, that we should surrender an amount decided by them to them before we dare spending it and then we have also to 'report' to them what and how we earned it, because it might not be aligned with their 'moral' stance or 'plan' for us. Of course, we see how political correctness constantly derive those resources, we cannot use, to 'causes' that have to do much more with getting votes than with actually serving the public let alone the individual or their families.
Serving families of course is also something that governments upon governments keep twisting towards destroying the sacred institute, because not only the constant load of taxes upon taxes force on anyone capable to work so that the bureaucracy must be served, but marriages are manipulated towards insolvency by making 'deductions' in the tax code dependent upon families are living in marriage or not or if individuals marry or not and so the game of 'protecting' us continues and keeps expanding, because we are not supposed to be children of God anymore, but of the government.
Killing children or elders is nothing but a natural event in the quest for happiness under the collective society and anyone, starting from the majority government now elected will tell you or me that abortion is not to be debated, but killing of children is allowed because women are supposed to be free to chose while euthanasia is to be debated because is still not allowed and until then, it needs to be debated to death, literally, to 'death', not of the potential law, but of the people because of the law.
After the government is done with our vital resources by restricting us of our prosperity and growth by virtue of adding taxes upon taxes, we are even more protected because the law says that we are not free to make transaction over certain amount of money, because, of course we might be terrorists or drug smugglers or perhaps even successful and the government needs to know because we could not possibly be successful on our own capacity, risks or abilities, but any parasite will claim is because they were not let be successful and so they then to ‘share’ the fruits of entrepreneurship by forcing us to pay even more taxes and so they need to know and the promise, is that they will not share that information with anyone, not even by accident because it is only to keep statistics so that they can govern and we can serve them.
Of course the list never ends and so a law, new or old, a ‘Conservative’ government might have proposed to even restrict, sorry, protect us from ourselves even further can only blessed, because… the government is watching and we, might just be breaking the law by even thinking about being watched…
Whatever happened to being innocent until proved guilty, of being able to work and live as ‘private’ citizen, actually protected by the law not to be bothered by the government… Those good old days…
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