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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why NOW, Mr. President?

There are many issues much more critical and important than the birth certificate of a president, even though now, the question becomes more intriguing, because the simplicity of the answer begs for a complex understanding of why, how, when, if, then, maybe, perhaps and so on and so forth.

The truth will be hidden because the true inquisitors, the ones their job is to ask and find out, are focussed on putting their ‘idol’ on a pedestal while the rest finds for a job or to say the least, how to make ends meet.

The whole point is to use this puppet as an icon of distraction, and to dress him as a president while the real plan moves forward and get completed and has not to do with the future of America but of the whole planet, because someone out there is intere3sted on a so called ‘global government’ to pretend peace and understanding can be actually be imposed while hope is literally dismissed as something of the past, along with faith and love.

Someone has sold this poor soul the idea of power under compromise and that he would play golf to his endless content and that he could be on permanent vacation and when and if the situation becomes apparently critical, to pretend he is still ‘campaigning’ while the forces underneath keep working its magical takeover of the world.

The birth certificate of a president might indeed be nothing of importance when much more is at stake. If this character was of any worth, other than politically, the actions and concerns would be much more impacting and newsworthy than just repeating over and over again what he has been saying before campaign after campaign, and for ever after campaigning.
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