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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Liberal daycare plan ‘discriminates’ against most families: parents rights advocate

“Ignatieff announced Thursday that his party would invest $500-million per year in daycare, rising to $1 billion annually by the fourth year”

The Liberal party is ready then from their own money to give this much, to all the children in Canada… No, hold it, it is not the Liberal party giving anything, it is Michael Ignatieff, making a promise so that he can get elected and then, who knows, because what we know is how serious is any one from the Liberal party as far as using any mean possible to justify their rise to power.

What is much more discouraging, for lack of a better word, is that Michael Ignatieff, no so long ago, actually complained before the government because the government would not ‘kill’ more children abroad by not giving more money to the causes he sees as actually ‘good’ to go for. Hypocrisy is a gift in the minds of each and every collectivist, because they do blindly believe in that thing that says that ‘the objects justify the means’ or something close enough.

As far as the ‘plans’, I think both sides to be completely off target because the people of Canada, despite the thirst for power of its politicians that pushes everyone down to the level of incompetence and incapacity, the people of Canada is perfectly capable and knowledgeable, by virtue of the gifts God has invested on each and every one, to deal with their own vicissitudes, with the help of God, naturally, not of the state. The state is nothing but a resource so that society can address matters that are of concern to the society altogether and that is why the law should be equal to all as we are all equal before God and no, we are not equal to each other, because as individuals we do have an identity and dignity.

The tiresome collectivist predicate that tells us to fear ourselves because they are the salvation and that no hope exist beyond their intervention in our lives, beyond its blasphemous implications, is offending to our human condition of children of God, as thinking individuals with dignity and identity.

The natural ‘program’ to take care of our children is in parenting, by a mother, a woman, and a father, a man, in matrimony forming a family and that is all it is needed.

The collectivist argument is that families have proven to be a disaster because too many people are left out of it to be taken care by society and that marriages, have become irrelevant and that well, as long as both parents don’t acquire a ‘career’ or to say the least, a job; it is literally impossible to expect any level of success on dealing with the everyday contingencies of life. That is possibly the only place where they, the collectivism, show any concern at all with life, while selling their ideals.

Of course, it is only a matter to truly analyse their arguments to find that it is actually their set of solutions offered through time what actually cause all these social ‘calamities’. Because it is nothing but their thirst for power and control what is making the family and marriage institutions ‘look’ only look, that undesirable.

It is by collectivist initiatives of transforming the ‘provisional’ income tax act onto a vehicle of oppression and suppression as well as intrusion that they have generated this monstrosity known as the selfish society of today.

People that, despite of engaging into building a family, reduce their commitment to that of merely satisfying one or the other or both ‘dreams’ of individualism and for which society ‘help’ by making the means of breaking that commitment easy and expeditious, regardless of the presence of children, which of course, they keep ‘proving’ to be completely unaffected by the disintegration of their parents into a new set of people which is more interested in sexual encounters than actual love, or the act of giving not expecting to receive anything in exchange. Selfishness is the actual opposite to love as it is to God, and so God Himself is presented as a risk to the collectivist philosophy of sufficiency, that is only applicable to their elites that they form as the theorists of complacence to which they add, for purposes of keeping the people confused, ‘compassion’ and ‘tolerance’

Hence, no other plan is needed but to get back from the state our nature, our lives, families and the institution of marriage, genuine in being a union only of one man and one woman, and nobody else, because it is in that integration that the society naturally functions best.

When society through collectivism, rejects or repeals the existence of sin, because it needs to make it relative to their own objectives dismissing the truth of being these offensive to our creator, the only living God, society breaks human spirit and makes of each and every person and slave of it and of his/her own obsessions, it makes selfishness the only law and which naturally excluding God, it is a law that never ever can be equal to anyone but to those which the elites consider ‘worth’.
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