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César Fernández-Stoll
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Get rid of all of the above

There is very little time left for the 'elections' and yet the question, the big question is on what is it we concerned Canadians are voting for. The establishment is not changing a bit, even if by any miraculous outcome it is the PQ the one that ends up governing, because what we have in Ottawa is a comradeship of power and control which is not even considering governing let alone caring for the people and what the people democratically can or is willing to choose.

What is the Canadian government to do about protecting life? Are we not supposed to care about human life? Is the dignity of the human person not 'popular' in the media and so it is not a 'policy' to disclose? And then again, we seem to be stacked in collectivism and so, any minimal reference to free the people of this country towards 'individually thinking' cannot even be taken into consideration.

Taxes, according to the media is something we Canadians miss and want of as much as possible yet taxing 10% ten time is still 100% taxation and we are frankly and openly towards that direction and the most ‘conservative’ of the governments appears to be stuck into the idea that protecting life is in fact a liability they do not want to get even close to and on the other hand, they pride themselves to have ‘controlled the crisis’ by managing taxpayers money to indebt each and every one of us to the neck and who can blame them, not the opposition of course because they only would worse and then it is our freedom which does not exist anymore to react to the circumstances, most of which are created and generated by ‘government policies’ to do us good because the government is the only one who knows what good is even more than God Himself.

We need to get rid of the establishment, not the Tories, the Liberals or the NDP or the PQ, it is all of the above who need to go and fast so that Canadians can take over their lives and live accordingly to their possibilities.

The only reason to exist of any government is to protect life and freedom and collectivism suppress both.

Can we live without taxes? Can we live without 'abortion'? Can we live without this or that?
Yes, yes and yes, because we have the means to do what politicians deny us by decree, to look after ourselves, from our loved ones to our economies.
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