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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Study suggests religion heading for extinction in Canada and 8 other countries

Religion is not faith but just believeing in something and on that line alone, any 'study' will be wrong should it consider only to be a religion that representing a particular faith, even though, having faith means actually believeing.

Atheists, for starters are perhaps the most fanatic if not fundamentalist of all religious individuals. They are always the first ones to feel 'offended' when anything representing faith in God comes into their way and the reason is because they are, their god and so it is their own ego, their self, who feels compromised by the idea of the only living God being on their selfish way to worship themselves. The clear point to ocnsider is that religion is not equivalense, and faith, even if it means to share some aspects, like believeing in on and only one living God, still is not equivalent and the truth, His truth is what is the way to reach Him. As the truth of Christianity is love and forgiveness, that is what the focus should be. I am not going to get into commenting abvout other faiths, other than the two I mentioned here, the one most dangerous; atheism, and mine, Chirstian and Catholic.

What the university of Arizona should be focusing, if truly interested at all is on what faith is bringing to people's lives and their families and to then 'study' the contributions of faith as opposed to fear to the emotional stability of the people and hope, as opposed to dispair, in the positive approach people has to their everyday contingencies, and over and above everything, love as opposed to selfishness, as the only way to happiness. How difficult is to understand that to love, can only be possible by loving God first and before anything and everything so that we can love our neighbor as ourselves.
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