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César Fernández-Stoll
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

No funding for sports facilities: Ottawa - National Post

Too many... all of them, programs are subsidized by taxpayers... that's right... us, the ones that pay, the ones that struggle to grow and prosper... and the media and the politicians keep saying it is the Federal Government paying or it is the Provincial government paying or it is the Municipality paying... and how could we ignore... it is the big corporations paying... On all of the above, it is always and invariably; us, the taxpayer who ends up paying.

So, enough is enough. We must get into the concept of small government by the people for the people and discontinue all of these 'ideals' of us giving the government the ability to do whatever they want with our hard earned resources. They work for us, period.

There are many people requiring of our love and compassion, but when we abdicate our responsibility to care to the obscurity of political intentions, then we surrender our own dignity to them.

So many parasites and predators emerge from this illusion that says that a magnanimous government can really help the people and the end cannot be but when the people react and say that is it! No more!

We are going to take care of our neighbours loving them and being compassionate with them and as human beings we are equipped to handle the matter, Jesus tells us we can and we certainly can, not on our own because we still need of the Church for moral guidance, but that is far from depending on the government to ultimately derive our efforts towards 'helping' sodomites keep living in the darkness or some women believing that a choice is only when they think it is and therefore they should be entitled to kill their own at any stage of pregnancy.

Governments exist only to provide protection for life and to guarantee the freedoms God has given us from creation. The government is a creation of humans and throughout history we can testify of so many empires and kingdoms, as well as republics and democracies that have succumbed mainly because they re-engineered morality on behalf of their own ambitions, greed and weaknesses.
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