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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is morality important in government? Whose morality?

Is morality important in government? Whose morality?
It seems the idea of morality in government tends to bring into mind a violation of the matter of church and state. But the real question is morality as a yes or no issue. Is a country supported by moral laws or it is a matter only to just ‘navigate' through circumstances, making the governing people, acquire the ability to decide what is right and what is wrong.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl TechnologyCivilization has formed under moral laws, could it be in some cases, wrong moral laws and in some cases, the right ones and on most cases, if not all, the actual body of the state, the nation altogether, tends to contain religion as its make cultural background.
Canada is no different and in our case, this nation was formed with Christianity as the common denominator as mainly Catholics as well as many other branches of Christian Protestantism, both of which recognize Christ as the only Son of God and in the roots of the Judean culture. Both therefore, follow the Bible’s teaching on morality and Jesus teachings on truth, love, humility and forgiveness, in one way or the other.
Of course there are many other issues that divide us and which produce conflict and confrontation, but the moral fibber of the nation, country and state called Canada, has been founded and is supported in the foundation of Christian faith.
Hence, as this country prides itself on being a country under the law, that law, can only be the law of God and as not just tradition but solid foundation establishes, it is founded in the law God gave to Moses on mount Sinai, and the same law that Jesus clearly put as resumed to two main commandments; to love God first and above anything and everything and our neighbour as we do ourselves.
How much clearer needs to be in terms of understanding the moral foundation of Canada, our beloved country?
As I’ve mentioned conflict and confrontation, which do not necessarily need to be implicit of violence, it is important not to deviate from the fact that our country, as anyone else over the face of the earth, is made of people, as it is our nation and so it is the state, as it was mentioned many times before, people are the ones forming governments, not the other way around.
What all this means is that we cannot put morality aside when dealing with law and if we are to be a country where law is equal to everyone and the rule is that of law, then the law must be only morally founded, not neutral.
The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (Extended Edition + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]The plight for a law on abortion exists is because that moral neutrality, wrong morality; has managed to be imposed by the ones excluding themselves from the moral foundation of this country.
It is a virulent imposition that has penetrated to the heart of this nation called Canada, making it bleed and putting its own existence at risk. It is not those who be religious, including non-Christian faiths, who are destroying this country, but those who tend to foolishly ignore religion as they ignore God. Atheists to have a religion and they are the most fanatic or fundamentalists of them all, because they do attempt against the foundation of any country in order to satisfy their own egotistical stance that they refuse to let be challenged because they have become their own gods and will not accept anyone to tell them they are not or that they cannot be.
Atheists find in religion a threat to their own existence because they need to justify themselves as being right as long as nobody challenge them, as they are the ones who promote their own ‘faith’ as selfishness and so individualism is what they offer under the umbrella of a collective society, any collectivist flavour, because their product is to get something, to receive something, never to give unless it is with the purpose of wining from the rest. In that fashion, elitism is their way to go, because what is needed most by selfishness more than to promote his/her own ego as the ultimate solution to anybody’s predicaments, after all, as they recognize themselves as the only possible god, they need to impose that too amongst the others so that everything works for them and their inflated images.
When politics sell us the idea that morality is external to government, the only possible understanding is that it is not just religion but with it what religion sees as sinful because it offends the only true living God, our creator and so, everything is allowed as long as there is political value in it and so the only currency is political worth from it is easy to conceive political correctness as the new moral fibber in Canada.
Is there any room in Canada or any other state for religions other than Christianity?
Of course there is, and most particularly in Canada because of its Christianity as it is founded by Jesus Christ as the angular rock of love, truth, humility and forgiveness. Our faith, is open to the absolute truth, and accepts anyone who is ready accepting that truth, not relative to anything but to God and therefore absolute and one.

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