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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God keep our land? The math is against it

Wrong! Religion is on each and every individual mind.

The question is of what religion the individual, and in this case, Canadians as individuals, talk about a dissapearing act; believe on. So, the problem, because it is a problem nevertheless, is that Canada, is more and more falling into the depths of selfishness and so the religious fanatism that seems to define a dissapearing of religion, is nothing but the imposition by virtue of the state and the media, of that idea that the individual, because it surrenders to the state and the media his/her fundamentals liberties, it has abandoned religion. On the contrary, it has embraced it and with fury, only to expect from everyone and anyone everything, because the new god is the self and the image to worship is their ego and while the state and the media, keep giving to them, the new monks of selfishness will not abandon them.

Collectivism has been a great way to impose this new 'faith'. But faith is an oxymoron for what this new religion is supported on is not faith, hope and charity, or love; but on fear, dispair and selfishness.
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