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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From CHP, Strong Families = Strong Canada

I can say about what I have seen. Women at work paying more attention to what the government can give them than what the government is taking away. Daycare cannot possibly be a right, under any circumstance. Because it is the duty of the parents to take care of their children from conception to the time they leave home.
Politicians bring different ideas though, parents are not supposed to care for their children, educate them or being worry about them, because the system has been tailored to do it for them.
The problem though is that nobody can be better suited to care for the children than the parents as they are naturally equipped to love, discipline and nurture them. The system cannot feel, anything, nor love, not understanding, and certainly cannot discipline, and much on the contrary, as we have witnessed how politicians capture the attention of so many children by offering them a freedom which is not, because it is unaccounted and irresponsible and from which sex is the main poison, not because sex is bad and it is not, but because it is placed in the complete opposite perspective.
And so politicians abuse of the prerogatives they have given to themselves and misproducing academic curriculums so that children get more and more engaged to the system and disengaged of their parental custody.
Be it sodomizing education or teaching how to kill babies without remorse, the education system is being tailored to respond to that unawareness, the one that looks at the government for solution to the problems the government creates.
Mothers feel the need of subsidized daycare because they cannot longer afford its cost, even if both parents work, because most of the times they do because taxes need to be paid, from income taxes to every other unimaginable one and so most of the times the whole salary of one of the parents goes almost entirely to satisfy the ruthlessness of the system, of which parents keep asking for more... except transformation.
How many parents would be better of building prosperity by creating business enterprises instead of having to be entrapped into a so called 'permanent job' only because the system is assuring itself to suck and keep sucking from families even before they can face live vicissitudes like unemployment or any other natural or unnatural calamity.
The so called safety net it is a net alright, but that entraps families and individuals into a blind obsession, that nanny government always provide and keeps providing, despite of the cost, particularly social cost.
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