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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A federal election - to be or not to be?

Should an election be called; I think it is time to protests against parliamentary dictatorship. Ignatieff, Layton or PQ; are out of the question for many reasons and Harper, well, being on the defensive of his government and then again not caring really very much for what governments should more appreciate, life and freedom, I would not vote for him either. Hey, aren't we supposed to be looking for a vote for 'our' representative?

Proof of point; Canada is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship and it has many dictators and one to whom everyone surrenders life and freedom in the name of 'propaganda'

The time has come to vote, because vote we must to make our voices heard and we must vote for anything but the four parties in power. The choices are clearer that way, conservative, with a small 'c' and for that I choose the Christian Heritage Party, or collectivism, okay, also with a small 'c', so let's do not focus on conservatism but on individuality or what it is what allows us to be children of God and therefore be free to exercise our will, accountable only to Him.

For collectivism, there is a wider range of ‘options’ all of them of course, towards the same goal, to force everyone to surrender their individuality to the state and the will of the elites, or in few words to reduce our ability to think and act to the wishes of anybody but ourselves, to rid ourselves of responsibility and accountability on behalf and most definitively to surrender our humanity thereby abdicating the love of God to the love of the state.

The economy can only be positively addressed by the government when it is left alone, when the market is kept as a flow of supply and demand, determining the value and prices of goods and services. Taxes need to be reduced to its minimum so that the people can use the fruit of their work to democratically establish the direction of the nation.

Democracy is not the will of the majority and certainly not the cry of the minorities, but the will of the individual under the law. For democracy to maintain its ‘purity’ it is imperative to maintain small governments and simple and few laws.

In Canada, politicians have destroyed the ability of the people to govern themselves and multiplied the to a point of impossibility and representation to the will of the so called leaders, which do not anymore respond to the people, but to lords abroad deciding what is or not, good for the country.
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