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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coming elections

As the time to present the budget approaches and given the ‘risk’ of engaging yet another election, perhaps it is important to reflect on how Canada is working and how our government is servicing the people. Without idealism, the government is supposed to be by the people and for the people, or more clearly put, the government and all of its members serve the people not the other way around, because governments are made by the people.

It so happens that today we have what is called a minority government, we also have as a consequence of that a government by opposition, and also we do have a government by consent and of course there is the government by the media, probably the strongest of them all, even though they will deny it to the end of their days and then the list keeps growing and growing; the government by corporative friends of the government, the oligopoly, and then again, the government by selfishness and the government by life style. Because of its size and dependencies we have a government that cannot govern as it is not by the people and for the people but by the establishment and for the establishment.

Because of the minority situation, the ‘official’ government has shown through the last five years in ‘power’ but not in control or in charge, making everything possible to perpetuate its tenancy and it is ready to sell us all to the devil in order to keep the title… and Canada is still admired by the rest of the world as a place of peace and progress... the best country in the world.

Peace and progress are two things that can be easily attained anywhere in the world. Cuba has peace and progress, and so does Iran, and even Libya had it just until a couple of weeks back. Because peace can be interpreted from different angles and the one preferred by the media, the ones that meticulously remind everyone the peace we live and enjoy, is that one defined just by the absence of war, of conflict, of violence even though we see them at different level.

Of course, Jesus tells us that blessed are the peacemakers and perhaps we should reflect on the type of peace a peacemaker needs to look for, because there is also appeasement and there is also cowardice.

Peace can only exist when the truth reigns or in other words peace is a consequence of the truth being accepted so that no conflicts exist. My truth I bring you, my truth I give you, Jesus tells us too, so as peacemakers we should look for the truth to make peace, love and forgiveness, and humility.

Peace therefore, cannot be attained by merely ignoring the truth, the absolute truth, or by making up a truth relative to any subject and then pretend that peace needs to be imposed because that reflects some imaginary right or worst, an invented fundamental human right. Appeasement of course is to surrender to whatever that relative invented truth says and cowardice is the motive behind the decision for the ego to live in peace despite of the truth or what rest needs of the truth..

In Canada we need to reflect on the preamble above because we are living anything but a true and genuine peace supported by the truth and maintained by the truth.

Politicians when debating in Parliament would be by now, asking for reparations for being called liars and maybe worst, for not being addressed as ‘honourable’. It seems that in their minds and intention, of course, these lords are convinced that the people that elected them, did so because of their posture and arrogance and so, ‘honourable’ is in order to call them and the truth, well the truth becomes subjective to the relativist world they think deserves to have them.

Governments are for the people and by the people and this can only mean that the people is not abdicating their responsibilities to the government but simply resourcing it for what the people need to achieve as a group, call it local government, provincial or federal. That means that the functions of these levels of government can only be limited by the wishes of the people, not expanded by the will of the people, because if so, then each individual would feel entitled to ask from the government to ‘protect’ their own life style regardless of the pain and suffering is causing others or worst, despite the moral effect this would cause to society and the existence of the nation or society that is forming the government.

Canada is a socialist country, we’ve been told to appease us, ‘just watch me’, Pierre Elliot Trudeau said to show us the type of people we were, loving peace more than anything else, included the truth and so, sure Canada is now a socialist country. Being socialist, is part of that mess called collectivism which is adjusted depending on the needs and abilities of the governing power, which in this country of course is many and for different reasons and to which also belong all of the other collective modalities; communism, fascism, Nazism, etc. Because collectivism is exactly the opposite of democracy, even though, every single collectivist scheme loves to called itself democratic. Collectivism has resulted disastrous form day wherever it was applied or however it was applied… it will never be admitted though because it seems it is the people to be ‘educated’ about this ‘nightmare’ because to the instigators we are not intelligent, they are, we are not honest, they are.

Democracy is the government by the people as individuals, not of a majority that imposes its will over others and certainly not of a minority to feel sorry about. Governing from the individual cannot possibly be to let the government grow but to see the first opportunity to let the individual take his/her own course and responsibility. Because the need for the government is circumspect to what individuals cannot do individually.

The main purpose for a government then is to protect life and to guaranty freedom, both gifts from God, because life and freedom are what makes us humans defining our dignity, individuality and identity and what distinguish us from the rest of Creation.

Arriving to the point of the possible or impossible ‘elections’ to come if the government does not once again, negotiate us to survive, I want to encourage every Canadian before voting and I hope everyone votes and gets involved; to cautiously look into what we have become, ignoring those noises or is it music, that keep telling us that we live in some sort of Nirvana, that we have achieved that balanced, democratic ideal because we have managed to separate politics from our everyday lives and that peace is what we enjoy.

1. Canada Does not have any abortion law; hence unborn human beings can be killed at any stage of gestation. Abortion is murdering millions of children worldwide in the name of cowardice and selfishness.

Abortion is nor reproductive health for any woman it is not a right to chose, it is murder and nothing else.

I am not suggesting we should have a law that allows abortion at all, but that the law protects human life from conception to natural death. There cannot be compromise or negotiation about human life.

2. Income taxes have proved to be a major disaster in the world since its conception as a way to finance War World I. It is being manipulated by politicians and it is the major obstacle to grow and prosperity for families in the country. Unfortunately it is not just income taxes but an interminable list of taxes which impose a view of the government as a god at the centre of a pagan religion dressing every politician as untouchable priest, a wolf dressed in sheepskin.

The people does not need to look at driving as sin to the government, as smoking as sin to the government, because regardless of how bad something looks in the political arena, it will always be suspicious of being built under corruption with special interests behind and so if gas or smoking are so lethal, then have the courage to outlaw both and let the people judge the support government have for such measures.

Because of income taxes mothers are enticed to kill their babies and families are broken apart as in many cases both spouses are force to work sometimes the whole salary of one of them fully going to maintain the bureaucracy needed to maintain the monstrous mass in charge of harassing, interfering, obstructing and stressing our lives. .

If this is the best system why is it that there are so many outlet that take away from the worker to cash their pay cheques? If this is working why is it that there is a debt on payments of income taxation? A system that works does not need to go after the people to explain to the government why is that there is no money when their cash flow was confiscated so ahead of time and where they could not do very much before the cost of living. If this is working why is it that so many need to go to predators instituted to ‘clarify’ ir to get the best ‘returns’ from the system?

3. Equalization is supposed to make every corner of Canada equally ‘developed’ by giving to the have not from the have plenty, a noble cause but which in practice all is doing is to maintain Quebec as a roadblock to every the Canadian aspiration because taxes from all over Canada, are derived towards keeping Quebecers happy.

Who does not want the people of Quebec to be happy? They had just about everything before the outburst of nationalism which brought them not only the army to their province to restore peace, but also Rene Levesque and his ideals. We should let the people of Quebec to solve that problem not try to bribe them only to have the infamous PQ in Parliament in a political oxymoron because they want to separate from Canada, while they are there to keep asking for Quebec. If equalization is discontinued, the people of Quebec will be left to decide for the destiny of the province, even if their wish is to completely separate from Canada, which they will have to accept as such, complete separation, not conditional, not partial.

4. Under the fallacy of social peace, sodomy is a human right and marriage not the union established by God between one man and one woman, but by virtue of the government, a fallacious arrangement between whomever with whatever.

If we are all human beings protected by the same laws as humans, why is it that some life styles need to be protected over and beyond the basic and most fundamental liberties given by God from creation? Consequently we do not have freedoms of religion, opinion or speech because then we are subjected to be brought to justice… well, not really, to a second tier of justice called the Human Right Commission which being politically motivated, otherwise it would not exist, it will almost invariably go for the accuser.

There is no place on a free society for Human Rights Commissions, because they are not protecting anything but the right of some to impose their tyranny on others. The laws that have given sodomites the illusion of not being in sin before God and the laws that have made them believe that marriage is nothing, must be removed. The so called Human Right Commissions and their tribunals must be decommissioned, disbanded and dismantled.

5. As politicians try to measure their good work in terms of how many people they keep employed, an arrangement exists between the government and big corporations and so the idea that governments are there to keep people employed regardless of the conditions of the market, viability of the businesses or what not. Consequence of this is a class of corporate partnership with the government built into oligopolies that tend to keep only some businesses around as they are ‘attached’ to politicians which will favour them with legislation so that their businesses always show desired employment figures. Of course nothing prevents these corporations to engage in outsourcing contracts out of the country while discouraging competition. So much for employment.

The main job creator sector on every society, productive job creation this is, are small and medium businesses, even if large corporations are able to display larger figures of employment on a one to one basis, which is of course why politicians love to keep worshipping them. To generate employment is to let the market free and to let the people decide on services and products as they are pleased. Collectivists tend to refer the people as mediocre and so they get their only advice from the elites that entrench in the system.

6. Politicians within the collectivist society have allowed the government at every level to grow, eliminating competition across governments by centralizing the government body from top down, making Ottawa be the recipient of all the revenues, which are not and cannot be described as ‘profits’ but as racketing the people resources. This has created a bunch of governments begging the central government, federal or provincial for resources and for which they feel in need to inflate their budgets with subsidies thereby creating a culture of predators and parasites that only keeps growing as competition is scarce and employment is figurative.

Governments never ever help the economy but by staying as far away from it as possible and therefore the market is the one to resolve the problems of the market.

Because of the welfare society, people tend to ignore their humanity and so ignore the plight for charity because supposedly there is a government which will take care of them. When we lose our ability to love, we lose our dignity and thereby we dehumanize ourselves.

7. Our collectivistic society is grown on believing to be able to live without God and so the future is sold as the time when we will be in a heaven like place with no worries, depicted by propaganda. Therefore, the government has build, on behalf of their big friends, the banking industry, who has sold their power and control to them, and has created this idea called Registered Saving plans by which banks and other financial institutions will sell plans in order to incentivise people to save from their taxes so that them, the banks and other financial institutions can make that money produce for them of course, because the people has to park that money for long periods of time, and as Jesus warned us, we do not know when we are going to be called by God and so we are to love the present, not the future.

The problem with this scam is that businesses, small and medium in particular, are deprived of cash as the people’s earnings are being parked in theses glorious institutions while being forced to operate for their needs, almost strictly on credit of different forms and shapes and with a variety of interests.

Of course, as soon as there is a risk on this institutions because of the subprime crisis, for instance, our government does not hesitate to put billions at their mercy so that they do not collapse under their own mismanagement, clearly a part of the deal they entertain, while the people has to face all sorts of calamities particularly from the same creditors that refuse to show the same level of compassion the people, through their government, showed to them. Jesus tells us in a parable about this too.

8. Health Care belongs to every province but of course it is also centrally driven from the federal master and so our politicians up there are very cautious on producing enough legislation so that health care becomes universal and without competition. Universal means that everything and anything will be taken at face value as an ailment to be covered by the system. Except of course eye care or dental as they are not politically motivated even though they affect productivity. But abortion is and so is sex change as well as it is AIDS or HIV and so many ailments that can be prevented by self control but which are politically convenient.

If health care needs to be kept, even though it is astronomically expensive and more and more adepts are enrolled each day from everywhere in the world, how about providing it also by the private sector so that competition can be encouraged. Also, how about if it is only for those extreme situations like open heart, cancer, etc and while these solutions are offered by the private industry as well, let the people decide according to their capabilities to afford the best as opposed to the only option, besides going abroad of course?

9. On immigration, it appears that being the best country in the world carries some calamities because that title is useful but no research is necessary and so, anybody can be a refugee, because wherever they come from they do not live as a Canadian, and we just ignore the reason why someone would be one, but will investigate the ones people notice and so, as we offer this incentive called free health care, people take to abuse our hospitality and good will and so we tend to deny entry to the ones wanting really to contribute to our country economy and allow without big trouble to the ones that are here because… well because we are the best country in the world and they heard about our free this and our free that and besides, our politicians whom get motivated by votes and nothing but voters… sorry it is also their pensions juice and guaranteed after a short time serving themselves… sorry exploiting the situation; they see on all these potential Canadians nothing but potential voters, so what is there to worry about?

10. With immigration comes naturalization and so after three years of living of this country, many ‘immigrants’ leave to go back to their countries of origin and because our politicians are worried about not upsetting their political or other cultural inclinations, and because this is the best country in the world, they will not do much follow up and well, life still will be free for them until noticed which seldom happens.

11. Another absorbed calamity in our immigration process is that immigrants learned that coming to the best country in the world, they are not needed of integrating but that there is something called multiculturalism which will allow them to cry foul on every instance they feel discriminated about while literally instituting pieces of their cultural background in our land which used to be called ghettos but that now they are not, they are simply new immigrants neighbourhoods.

Of course politicians are magnanimous and as many of these not-integrated immigrants are not employable in the market, they tend to be employed by the government and because they are not integrated but rather are implanting their culture on ours, if at all any left, our government becomes kind of inclined to become universal as well in the sense of making a mandate to create as many departments and services as are required for the thousands of realities across the globe, and so the best government in the world keeps growing.

There are other items that could be addressed regarding our country and how it has been taken to what it is and I encourage every Canadian to think before you vote and to realize on the current state our politics is. To realize on the potential each and every one of us has to grow and prosper as long as freedom is fully guaranteed and not obstructed. Governments are necessary and politics is something that matter to each and every one of us and nothing is more important than protecting life. Without life and freedom, we do not have a country, only a label that everyone else sees as their opportunity to exploit… the best country in the world.

When and if there is an election, please try to get in touch with your candidate before you vote and challenge him/her on these and other issues and if they are unable to provide and intelligent explanation, do not vote for them. Remember all four parties currently in Parliament are there for the establishment and there are more candidates and Canada will be much better off by going for the unknown, because what we know is not of the best country in the world.
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