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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Canadian researchers testing brains for hostility

Am I on the list?

I do not disagree with some, few or most of the collectivist ‘ideals’, I DISAGREE WITH ALL of them. I think diametrically opposite to the ‘science’ of collectivism.

Did I make it to the list yet?

Considering that violent people are more or less self-evident, and on the other hand, terrorists, excluding the ones involved or engaged in the drug trafficking business, or more specifically put, the ones that are following a religion that says that you must kill infidels, are not likely to be self-evident in their violent behaviour but rather ‘dormant’ or in other words, sowing a more ‘pacific’ image, how is that this ‘idiotic’ idea will help to anyone but to those that actually will see a need to restrict or impede the freedom of opinion or of course, religion, and we all know that the religion above described is not in the ‘list’ of religions these gurus want suppressed because they know of only one religion that persistently show to be harmful and risky, to other this is, as opposed to peaceful.

So, who exactly these people are targeting anyways?
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