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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bill O'Reilly: The Triumph of Evil

I don't think this current 'humanitarian campaign' is at all to do with any humanitarian effort. Ghadaffi is a lawless criminal and a dictator and that has been learned and digested, in the hardest terms, for the last 40 years.

The truth, I think everybody knows is the first victim on every conflict. And I believe another one that says than in war is that there is no substitute to victory.

However, it seems, perception, or the law of politics, beats any truth or any reality and so, these uprisings in the Middle East, of which we know so little, because even though they are all long overdue, there is another much more terrible war going on, besides the war on poverty, and it is the war on terrorism and the enemy which is much closer to the devil than what the political perception wants to admit, is not just ruthless and fanatic, but it is also one sided and its objective is not humanitarian but of extermination, annihilation, of anyone who thinks differently from them who dictate people how to think.

Of course, oil has been a problem because the perception, again, wants us all to believe, they only have it and we don't and again, the perception once more, tell us it is sinful to use it, however, it is only there and not here, and then again, it is not really what appear to be the case but that we, keep hiding to ourselves the fact that the Middle East, could easily be overrun by leaving them alone with their oil and with their ideas, but wait!

Who is that stupid and has money to buy all the weaponry these guys have? After all, they 'promise' they would not use it against their own people!

Remember ‘whack the dog?’ Bill Clinton? The pharmaceutical plant bombed by him on humanitarian grounds?
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