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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taxes are killing Canadians

National Citizens Coalition: NCC Blog

Many things are going wrong with the current establishment. The re-architect revolution Canada suffered in the last five decades or so, have created a new class of Pharaohs, untouchable and protective of their own life styles while letting the people of Canada be frozen in illusions of happiness and grandeur.

Equalization paid to the 'have-nots'... Isn't Ontario now in that list? Precisely because the way legislation has managed to immobilize productivity and entrepreneurship. And of course, the rest of the country paying dearly fro Quebec not to dare separating... really?!

The one answer we need, in Ontario and across Canada, is a complete elimination and reduction of taxes or in other words 'FREEDOM'. What is so difficult to understand?

Government existence is by the people for the people and that can only mean small government for the protection of life and guaranteeing of freedom and nothing, absolutely nothing else.
Taxes keep going and growing and the people is only focused on paying and paying... my prayer go for the people of Canada to finally realize that the secret of happiness is not in abiding to everything government say or demand, but to live the present on each one terms individually before God, not politicians.
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