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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Michael Ignatieff, Member of Parliament for my district in Etobicoke, Ontario:

Dear Michael Ignatieff,
Member of Parliament for my district in Etobicoke, Ontario:

This note is about the shameful passing of Bill C-389 and article "Canada’s House of Commons passes transgender bill" as appeared in LifeSiteNews.com

What were you thinking?

This is one more very sad day for our nation. No, the trans-gender will not be enjoying anything more than what they already have no better rights, no more rights, nothing they did not have before.  The people of Canada on the other hands will be much more exposed and our rights are diminished, as they were diminished when sexual orientation was made a human right or when marriage was mocked with that nonsense fallacious legislation that pretends marriage is just a socially invented association as opposed to the union blessed by God between one and only one man and one woman, and only one woman before Him.

These pieces of legislation here and there that will eventually erode all of our rights and basic and most fundamental freedoms, will not stop just  because you see them as something you can ‘live with’ or that Canada needs in order to look ‘progressive’. Other absurdities and aberrations will follow and you are setting the precedent that clears up the way for them to proceed and the encouragement to persist, a piece at a time, piece by piece...

The people of Canada will realize sooner or later that it is this type of trespasses which determine their disappearance as a nation and country under God because as Jesus warned us, no kingdom can exist against itself and by reducing the pure essence of society, the family and marriage to nothing, society cannot preserve its integrity and so its condemned, by you, to go in the middle of the night, unnoticed.

Perhaps your dream is to ultimately subject our nation to that equally absurd idea known as global government, putting us under the yoke of the United Nations bodies to tell us what we should or should not do or how to think or not. Maybe then is time for you to reflect on that idea and what all that is carrying because nothing in there, presents freedom as any end or even a mean but the suppression of it which you very well are instituting or worst, imposing.

As individuals, we will prevail, but as a nation, you are assuring our disappearance, because you have taking the decision to renounce God and embrace damnation. Whatever your motivations, materialistic or not, idealistic or not; you are not in control, you are nothing but pawns serving the wrong bosses, with selfishness in their mind and slavery in their goals.

Maybe what you were thinking is that these ‘things’ are unimportant, that by conceding here then you can gain there, that by letting be today, you can control tomorrow. If that is the case, it is a very poor revelation of your own self, because it exposes your lack of wisdom and leadership and how little you are prepared to govern or even represent the people because you are only our servant, public servant, but servant nevertheless and us such, you should show humility and what you are showing is nothing but selfishness.

Of course there is the other side, the one that would say that you are trying to be another one of those ‘leaders’ that will not stop before anything in order to impose upon us a new flavour of slavery. ‘Just watch me’ Pierre Elliot Trudeau said many times while he was stepping over and destroying our freedoms, only because our members of parliament saw in him a sort of visionary that would solve who knows what problems which of course where presented as terrible things of the moment and which ended up in the level of invasiveness we have today from our governments, the surrendering of federalism to the centralism we notice in our political system today and which has allowed the endemic corruption of each and every government under the Liberal party of Canada and the many social consequences such as the systematic murdering of babies in the name of nonexistent rights or health issues and the oppression of the Human Rights Commissions which deny our freedoms on behalf of degrading life styles, like the one you just added.

As I said, the people will prevail and God will deal with your ‘weaknesses’ and justice, will come and poor Canada, the country you are supposed to love and protect, will follow the same type of destiny as so many civilizations, empires and kingdoms have throughout the history of the world and the coming generations will wonder and study about happened and what went wrong...

A new election will come soon, hopefully, if our country is not yet given away to the powers of globalization and we end up surrendering what is left, and I really hope and wish that the people of Canada takes a moment to pause and see through these ‘small steps’ you take us and wake up to for once and for all find the courage to throw all of you from our government and encounter some new minds that can start taking us in a new direction, away from that establishment government after government appear incapacitated and incapable to disconnect itself from.

Government are formed by the people to serve the people and democracy is the government by the people, not the majorities or minorities, because they can be manipulated, by crooked minds in power; but by individuals, so the only way for democracy to work and flourish is by keeping government limited in function and small in size and restricted to protect life and preserve freedom.

This absurd law Bill C-389 is contrary to what government is about.I pray that our senate finds the courage and wisdom you lacked and rejects it.

César Fernández-Stoll
88 Palace Pier Court
Etobicoke, ON, M8V 4C2

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