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Monday, January 24, 2011

Harper heads to Geneva to help focus maternal health initiative

Dear Primer Minister of Canada:

I'd like to bring to your attention the article appeared in the Toronto Star, with the title "Harper heads to Geneva to help focus maternal health initiative" and which link I include here (http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/926752--harper-heads-to-geneva-to-help-focus-maternal-health-initiative?bn=1)

It is highly disturbing for many reasons...

What is a safe abortion?
Is Canada a sovereign country?
Is killing an innocent unborn child anything to do with health?

Why in the world has the Prime Minister of Canada, regardless of the political position or tendency of his party affiliation, has to go to Geneva to report to whomever about the type of 'help' is Canada ready to provide and to whom? Canada is a sovereign country and if our government is not capable of representing the people without having to go an ask some obscure network of lords about the direction to take, then the government does not exist. Canada is a democracy and thereby a country governed by the people, not the media and certainly not a bunch of foreign self-entitled usurpers.

It is well know how the Toronto Star collectivist tendencies make of us all look like if Canadians were murderous fans of women assassinating their offspring and as if us Canadians were all fools not knowing what health means as opposed to murder, cold blooded as it is. We all know of your disgraceful position of just letting abortion go, avoiding any potential debate under the risk of exposing popularity because your interest, personal of course, is nothing but to be popular, and the Toronto Star will certainly dictate to you what being popular means.

Maybe it is time for you to realize on the consequences of hiding or is it ignoring, the most critical issue of protection of life and freedom of your people, not your popularity or the popularity you expect the media to support you with. It is your people, the future of your country, what is being massacred b y your inaction and self-imposed impotence to deal with this calamity sold as a 'health issue for women' when it is not sold as a fallacious 'women right to chose'. The truth is that the sole idea of anyone, not just women trying to evade their responsibilities, but anyone, by virtue of the law, being allowed to get away with murdering people, under whatever excuse there is, needs to be dealt with and not even soon, but immediately, because our country, our nation, depends on the future build on the families that provide with the growth so that prosperity can be sustained and preserved.

This is not a political game, it is murder under any denomination and need to be stopped here and now, not consulted abroad or ignored.

Abortion is not an opinion, it is killing a human being, worst, it is the most selfish any human being can fall to because it is murdering the most innocent for nothing but to preserve a life style. Chosing is something we do a every instance in our lives and we do it because we are free from creation, not because governments or lords abroad in Switzerland say so. Freedom is a gift from God and it that freedom who ultimately prevails before tyrants and despots that ignore it. The freedom we have to chose, is accountable to God and so it is not a right but something we must be responsible for. Like when we eventually go to the polls, if that gets to happen again in Canada and we are not prevented by your bosses abroad, when we all will have to once more be responsible for what we chose and be either expressing our freedom or simply 'delegating' them to the establishment that you find so difficult to confront.

I hope and pray that you take the time to think about your own family and grasp the real worth of the institution and, perhaps you have children because you did not kill them, or maybe it is not because you exercised a choice, and in any case, you will be able to find the true meaning of love and the hope you represent to them again, by virtue of the gifts God has invested on you, not just because you decide to deal with that 'problem' according to your choices. .

César Fernández-Stoll

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