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Saturday, January 22, 2011


January 23rd marks an anniversary in Canadian history which had many people expecting and that has proven to be highly inconsequent. On January 23rd, 2006, exactly five years ago, the Liberal party lost the reins of power, mainly because of the corruption that had prevailed and which their arrogance could no longer keep the people distracted and sedated on, as our nation has been with all of the declarations of pride we are constantly being inoculated so to maintain the status quo of a perception of having everything for close to nothing while our contribution to the wellbeing of our political and corporate establishment keep growing and growing and the returns on our investment diminishes or worst, gets confused with generosity from our levels of government, because they are giving us, always giving us, what they are taking away from us, confiscating from us, and we should feel lucky, because after all, in other parts of the world, they get it much worse.
January 23rd, was supposed to bring change as the Conservative Party of Canada, a hybrid combination from another previous hybrid combination with a name that had to be changed so that people felt having it all in one word. The oxymoronic Progressive - Conservative Party was joining forces with the Canadian Alliance, a derivative of the Reform party of Canada. So the expectation was really on the new name, because time proved that in Canada, what is really powerful is the establishment and as it appears, the weaker you are, your options to succeed  in the establishment increase, if not, what can explain the successes of the Parti Quebecois, an association of traitors with the whole objective to break this country, or the successes of the NDP, which seems to be able to maintain a close to perfect record in passing the most abhorrent if not obnoxious and denigrating pieces of legislation, just for being perpetual losers, which in any democratic context, would mean not to stand a chance because the people do not like your policies, but which in Canada, it becomes fertile soil for manipulation and perpetuity in power, the only true objective any Canadian politician really works hard for.
An abysm exists between the collectivist society and the principled one and the former was the one repelled if not rejected on that inconsequent day and so the expectative was for a new beginning to start showing with force, first outlining the principles under which our country needs to operate and then, the path to follow in order to restore respect for the law, reduction in government, expenditures and taxes, the many taxation schemes we the people are being impacted with as stressful vehicles of oppression, intrusion and obstruction, to our growth and prosperity of course.
It is not a mystery that the media plays a huge role in the direction the government takes, mainly because, as it was mentioned above, politicians in Canada are looking for nothing but to perpetuate the tenures of their seats, because it is the only interest they have as they see this as the only way to benefit personally from all the goodies and perks the system gives them by virtue of their predecessors, same as them, caring but for themselves.
So the media being all for big government, because in that way they are able to control more by controlling fewer, the politicians; works hard also on perpetrating fallacies that aim for the destruction of the family, marriage and life itself, of course with the consequent disregard for human dignity, individuality and identity and the deep and heavy social impact.
There is nothing strange then when observing the media almost at unison, defending the fallacious same-sex marriage, denigrating family values while emphasizing on every possible reflection of  failures, even if on most cases it is their publicity and advertisements which contribute to these failures, and last but not least, the systematic killing, the assassination of so many unborn children under the also fallacious idea of some invented right to choose women have, a choice of course that entitles any woman for killing their offspring just because, their life styles are at jeopardy.  
The new beginning that never happened has been but a sequence of political games that have worked for the perpetuation in power of the reigning party but changing nothing in the process. There is no wonder the official opposition calmly but surely keeps working so measured not to change anything but simply to reclaim their tenures of power. The corruption of the establishment is a perfect excuse for giving corruption one more chance.
The ideal of a nation founded on principles and respect for the law, which cannot be but in support of the law of God, the only living God, was sent to the freezer for perhaps some other time on some other era when some other leader, a true leader, would find the courage to break the spell on this nation vegetating under the complacence of tolerance while nor faith, hope or love exists, because it is not that the people is not paying attention to religion any more, it is that the people has moved to a religion of their own which is to care only for themselves, for what is beneficial to their selfish expectations, a religion with a god so cold as death as it is money and the exclusive attention to the I, me and ego.
The idea of a nation where never mind how many people gets abandoned and killed in the name of others ‘surviving’ under a collectivist idea of elitism over tolerance for everything but what represents a menace to the peace these elites in power want to understand as peace or otherwise impose it by legislating out the will of the people for any potential intention of reaction.  
We can only hope and pray that the people of Canada, catches up and finds the true value of the dignity each and every one of us is invested from God, our true creator and the individuality that provide us with the freedom to choose, truly choose, being accountable for our successes and mistakes without having to kill to enjoy them.
Over and over again we have witnessed how our governing politicians as well as all the ones faking a representation to the people they are supposed to work for, keep working for making the chains on the people more and more durable and unbreakable, while themselves and the oligopoly that represents their club of friends and protected, is preserved and perpetuated. The rules every one of us the people have to endure and live under; are not the same for the ones that enjoy the benefits of becoming protected by the system. We’ve seen how powerful financial institution which constantly and unavoidably collect form the people, even if the people is confronting layoffs or unemployment or family disgrace or crisis, they do get easily off the hook when their own decisions force their corporations to be at the edge.
Democracy is not the government by the majority or by the minority, it is the government by the people and the only way to get that idea working is by having a government reduced to the minimum and charging minimum taxes and only for the costs of administration.
Governments are created by the people to serve the people, so politicians are there to serve the people and not the other way around. Governments are not there nor are they created to replace marriage, family, and certainly not God. Governments and countries and nations that has defied the natural strength of the family, marriage and with them God Himself, have found the hard way how easy is to pass in history to become nothing but a memory, mostly to be figured out for the incomprehensiveness of the results.
January 23rd 2011… let’s hope it marks now the date when our politicians finally decided to look to the people that elected them and becomes servants and start working for the reduction of the tremendous load the people has to carry so that they can have what other cannot.
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