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Sunday, December 12, 2010

In the name of freedom and humanity and up most faith

From: Cesar Fernandez-Stoll [CesarFStoll@gmail.com]
Sent: November 21, 2010 10:05 AM
To: 'publicmail@president.gov.pk'
Subject: In the name of freedom and humanity and up most faith

Dear President of Pakistan, Asif Zardari:

The problem in the whole world these days is lack of faith and that brings lack of hope and lack of love; virtues God has given us all to define our humanity, alongside with the gifts of freedom, defined by the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Christianity is defined by love and forgiveness and while yes, there is lots and lots of hate and misunderstanding on the side of self proclaimed Christians, what does not change is love and forgiveness.

It is clear that you do not share our Christian faith, however, you still will agree that faith in God, the only living One, almighty and omnipotent, is something we base in the truth He can only provide.

I want to beg you to use the position you are invested with to make love and forgiveness imperative in the quest for universal understanding and free Ms. Asia Bibi from the fate of capital punishment and any other condemnation because all she is doing is expressing her faith.

Understanding across the world cannot be achieved unless there is dialogue, many people say and everyone wants to be participant of such a noble cause in the name of peace, a peace genuine as it is to be based on not just trust but truth and love. For that matter it becomes so imperative to allow freedom to prevail, always accountable to God, but in the spirit of love and forgiveness, letting the truth to be seek and found by virtue of our freedom to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit; Knowledge, Understanding, Council, Strength, Science, Piety and Fear of God.

I beg you to consider the quest for faith, hope and love across the world.

Thanks for the attention you could give to this humble note.

César Fernández-Stoll

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