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Monday, November 1, 2010

To: Stephen Harper. Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Mr. Prime Minister.

I’d like to bring to your attention this article appeared at the United Families International Blog titled: Your children and their “Right to Comprehensive Sex Ed” which is exposing a drama for everyone and which very clearly presents the case of the way interest groups abuse public faith and exploit their abilities to penetrate bodies like the United Nations, which have nothing to do with ‘replacing’ parental roles in education or on anything at all, but dare today to not just to dismiss parents but to impose over children whatever is in the twisted minds of the elites that are trying to ‘fix’ the world by making it more morally exempt and worst; much less human.

Sex is not an end to anything, sex is the beginning of life and a very sublime expression of love, but it cannot be the commanding force that makes us humans what we are, what define us as humans. It can become however, the lowest expression of human misery making of everyone slaves of pleasure and submissive to our instincts.

Of course it is not just the United Nations, a body that has been targeted by those that predicate the modernism of globalization at the cultural level, by seeking the submission of all nations under a non-elected, not by people in any case, bureaucratic body, dominated by those that make of selfish individualism the vehicle to achieve their goals of domination.

Could it be the other way around? Certainly, and we all know that the path to hell is paved with ‘good intentions’ and the elites that are trying to impose this upon all of us, including you and your bunch, at every level of government and leadership, know perfectly well that what is politically correct is a tool that can control freedom or restrict it, while implicitly forcing everyone to live, or rather die under their rulings.

Here in Canada, we know from so many decades of slowly being dragged into their kind of world, how their ‘system’ works and operates. Complacence is hidden behind compassion and tolerance, as if one had anything to do with the other and in this trail of destruction full of ‘good intentions’, we have goodies that the elites ‘give’ us and which supposedly we do not have to or cannot, give to ourselves anymore and so the process keeps growing and the leviathan keep expanding and the blob called government goes beyond national boundaries, first to ‘assist’ other ‘less fortunate’ nations with the wisdom of our misery and then, this, the total surrendering to the United Nations mandates, dictated with the ‘best intentions’, in the political correctness sense of the faked and illusionary universe they live on, dominated by power, control, materialism and pleasure. The United Nations was meant to be a catalyst for peace and this has nothing to do with peace but with tyranny and slavery.

Clearly, the world has ‘devolved’ onto this by decades or even perhaps centuries of developing under the idea to be masters while removing God from their reason, because faith, gives people hope and hope is contrary, diametrically opposite to fear and that is what we have to be subjected to in order to ‘succeed’ in the universe of their imagination. A world founded on fear cannot find hope, most especially if it becomes dominated by a single cultural trend and governance, dictating everything that is morally ‘acceptable’ because it is meant to be not religious while implicitly imposing a brand new religion of their own, without a solid and absolute truth, just the relativity of their ambitions and weaknesses, their urges for pleasure and anything else that might come to their minds and be under their control. This world can only live on despair, because people can be controlled in their own needs and so, if happiness can be defined by the condition of needing less, to need more is a way of leading by unhappiness. Over and above everything, a world without love, because love is giving and the people is controlled better when receiving and only receiving is in their minds and so, love and charity cannot be part of their fallacious world, because people wanting more, is people that will keep working for what the system can offer them, even if never can deliver. Hence, love and charity are distorted by the former becoming and equivalent for uncontrolled and unbound sex, and the latter by a formidable option in the world of politics to confiscate in its name, even if not even a portion if anything at all, reach the most needed, not of money of course, but of dignity and love.

For a long time by now, I have been pleading before you to move of from that centre you find so comfortably seated at and start giving Canada the type of government it deserves, first by removing our nation form the umbrella of the United Nations. If you do not believe Canada can live without them, just look at how the United Nations can actually live without us, because the membership of rogue regimes, despots, human rights violators, and every other thug under the sun, all of them, are the real promoters today of the agenda. Of course they are clear on their intentions and even clearer in their procedures. They want world domination and they know that as in the mind of every collectivist; ‘the end justify the means’ so they will, with or without Canada, continue towards the achievement of their goals, while it will be our children and not theirs who will be subject to the destruction of their humanity and dignity because theirs are already under the yoke of their own tyrannies, their ultimate plan for all of us.

To liberate our own people, it is critical to reduce the size and function of our governments, starting from the federal government, by restoring autonomy to the provinces making them the builders of the confederation and not the other way around. Totally eliminate income taxes and corporate taxes at every level, to restore in the people, the freedom to choose and to command the trends of the markets. Naturally, if taxes are eliminated, expenditures will have to be eliminated and so the apparatus of the government reduced.

Collectivists, have assure themselves that the process of restoring freedom, will have to be a tedious and challenging one, and clearly cannot be done overnight, except for where the process is already trumping principle, particularly, the protection of life and freedoms, but it needs to be done and has to start somehow and now. We are all observing how the world is starting to wake up to the realities of justice, true justice in the eyes Christ sees it and is embracing freedom by assuming responsibilities that collectivism has taken away in a sea of relativism. It is not just the economy, that is only the reflection, the window that has brought us clarity on who and how our lives are manipulated, but it goes beyond that, and it is all about human dignity and freedom, life and freedom.

Mr. Prime Minister, now it is always, the right time to act and recover and Canada wants and needs to see change, especially in the attitudes of their politicians and leaders, please show leadership and act on principle. The perception that Canadians are just too happy living in a sea of corruption under a constantly growing taxation base and worst, that we are all too happy to see women and pseudo ‘doctors’ merciless and systematically murdering babies and eventually elders and incapacitated, in the name of a right to chose, not just women have but everyone and which all of us, each and everyone of us, must live with the consequences and responsibility; all are baseless and nothing but an expression of decadence and degradation.

Mr. Prime Minister, nothing of the above is new, not even the content of the article in reference, and perhaps that is what it is the saddest, because even though more and more is seeing assaulting human dignity and basic freedoms, it seems our politicians are more and more dedicated to try to make us feel good while we calmly ‘progress’ towards hell and dehumanization.

I hope you stop and think, as everyone else copied in this note, about their own families and children and friends and see them completely dumb and submissive to the system where they will confuse freedom with just doing as they are told without questioning or consideration of the truth behind the requests… then look at yourselves and if you manage to free yourselves from that selfishness that keep you asleep, start living to the mandate you have of being leaders.

César Fernández-Stoll
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