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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CBC News - Windsor - Front-yard Virgin Mary to come down

CBC News - Windsor - Front-yard Virgin Mary to come down

How scary it's become in our days to pray, and to have to see an image of Virgin Mary in our path...
People stop in amusement for anything and politicians are scared to death to rule because it might hurt sentiments, but when people stop to pray, then it becomes a matter of political correctness and the people is suddenly wrong, the statue must come down.
If the statue is in a private property, why should anyone force this person to bring the statue down, for fear that it might repeat Fatima or Lourdes?
If there is gathering to pray, or for that matter, criticize; aren't the people in their right to do so. Cannot anyone just kneel in any sidewalk and pray? Maybe people should start being questioned about what they do when they stop and look at things while in the boardwalk... Might they be praying? Anything but that!
I remember being in the path of people like Jack Layton when in front of the CBC while their workers when on strike, the whole sidewalk was taking by this character that needed his point to be make interfering in a labor dispute while being an actual member of Parliament.

I remember too Stephen Harper, annoying everyone because he had gone to an interview, I believe with Peter Mansfield at CBC and the whole traffic was disturbed.
Who can forget the Tamils on the streets of Toronto, upsetting everything, even if peacefully and wait, only a couple of weeks ago, the city of Toronto had to stop because the Don Valley Parkway was interrupted so that some event took place.
I guess the real problem here is praying, that is what is going to cause major problems at any time anywhere... yes, like in Fatima or Lourdes. The authorities just must act upon and restore 'peace'
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