César Fernández-Stoll

César Fernández-Stoll
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Friday, October 8, 2010


During and after any endeavour we tend to seek to feel good and satisfy with the result of our efforts, and as this feeling of accomplishment and achievement fill our emotions; often we tend to distract the true goals of the enterprise and the truth itself regarding our accomplishments. Over and over again we go through interminable lists of tasks and activities required to achieve our objectives while frequently dismissing what appears not to be related or even involved in the project that will take us towards the happy ending, the result of our dreams.
Clearly there are projects and projects, aimed at crystallizing a myriad of dreams and also producing infinite solutions to specific and no so specific issues and problems, resolving or preventing them.
While we try to maintain the focus on the premise that happiness is to need less and not to have more as we pursue a happy ending to every endeavour and enterprise or project, happiness must be intrinsic to its development, progress and completion.
Happiness is a human sensation that responds to the subject satisfaction, his/her peace of mind and the minimization of his/her needs. To reach that point of satisfaction where we can qualify it as an achievement, where we can express that sense of happiness, we cannot relate it directly with only and exclusively obtaining more of anything as long as happiness is not at the centre of our expectations, hence to need less and not just having more.
We could isolate ourselves and try to build our own world of expectations focussing only on attaining that so much desired goal for just ourselves, our group or our nation, excluding everyone else and therefore ignoring the needs we are going to end up introducing in the process. The virtue that keeps us from falling into that vicious circle of selfish expectations is love. The virtue of loving belongs only and exclusively to the human specie. No other creature, only humans, are capable of loving, which is the act of giving not expecting to receive anything in exchange or as a reward.
As our enterprises often require of humans at every end of the endeavour, building, producing or simply making good use of the product of the enterprise.
Naturally, as our most basic needs are water and food, as well as shelter, clothing, etc., the requirement of jus retribution for our efforts is imperative, which will be established only by the quality of what we produce, in every aspect of its usefulness and every angle of objectivity.
Marketability or simply acceptance of a product or service cannot be the measure of success but the ability to provide happiness or to prevent unhappiness. Obviously, as each human is an individual possessing identity as well as being a repository of the gifts with which God has blessed us as well as the dignity from being created to His image and likeness, we cannot guess, what happiness can be for each and everyone, except by the only available meter which is the needs our peers are going to be disposing of as a consequence of our ‘dream’.
Love is giving but giving is not necessarily love, because love can come only from the soul, while giving can be an act designed to generate unhappiness based on creating more needs upon other people.
As legitimate it is to expect to profit from any enterprise, it can only be legitimate to seek happiness as opposed to unhappiness.
As humans are the only creatures capable of loving and directly helping to achieve happiness, it is not possible to expect any abstract group of people, testament or anything to provide or deny happiness without human intervention.
The law is not something designated to provide happiness but justice. Justice is a vehicle to assure the provision of happiness by allowing it.
God gave us very specific commandments, concise and few, enough to be able to build from them our own happiness, by loving Him over and above everything and anything and by loving our neighbours as ourselves.
When laws are written trying to create happiness by taking from some giving to others, even if the intention is the noblest, or so it appears to be, unhappiness is assured because dependency is created on one end for the more needy and because of the impediments imposed upon others to be able to deliver happiness in an honest and genuine nature, as individuals, as creatures of God.
Happiness equated to success means not to acquire or possess more but to need less because giving is what delivers the satisfaction and fulfilment of being in the dignity God has created us all.
Success equated to possessions or to our ability to satisfy the self first and exclusively us, or those who are us, with complete disregard of the disgrace and suffering implanted upon others, is more like defeat, because of its nature of entrapment by something that can only grow spiralling onto a fallacy of power and control but which at the end is only entanglement into the self into our own egos.
Our days in history, marked by the age of rationalization, the in which humans are supposedly ‘liberated’ by the concept of not needing any more of God, dismissing Him as just a creation of the mind true time to oppress and to dominate; our days in history find that to play god requires to build a fictitious one, a golden calf that will only suck our will and reduce us to cold worshippers seeking to see magic and which will put us at the mercy of ruthless elites predicating to know everything and to have control and power over everything.
Our days in history, are taking us back, to the days of tribal sorcery and witchery, days which were the consequence of humans separating from the truth of our creation looking for selfishness and which in our days is found in the many theories of countless philosophers and false prophets, wolves dressed in sheepskin, self appointed intellectuals and know best.
Our days in history, are bringing back human sacrifice by otherwise-would-be-mothers and the degradation of Sodom and Gomorrah before the apparent helpless and indifferent of individuals seeking only their own comfort and progress disregarding the truth as relative to their own ambitions and greed letting fatalist venues drive their lives and destiny ignoring their true meaing of being.
The truth sooner or later find us and we are faced with the reality of resolving our own lives in the little time we have or given the opportunity presented before us by the only true divine plan and the revelation of our meaning of existence will become evident and within grasp. It then will be only up to us to embrace the truth of love for God and our neighbour and to bring success to our existence.
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