César Fernández-Stoll

César Fernández-Stoll
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Friday, October 8, 2010


Human beings are socially attached, connected, by love, by the divine gift with which we’ve been blessed to live for others.
Socially, and induced by love, we associate ourselves in marriage with a person of the opposite gender and with whom we form a family, a nuclear component in society that out of that union of one man and one woman, we will be able to provide society with a future and consequence, to row and prosper. Our commitment to keep is with God because is He whom commanded us to love, grow and multiply and so the commitment is for as long as are bodies are alive and the compromise is to be with that same person for good and bad. That commitment is called marriage and it is an institution created by God.
Socially, families associate with other families, since the dawn of times, to address the needs of the communal living, be it as tribes, villages, or as municipalities, districts, provinces, states and nations, no matter what the denomination, size or the complexity of the group, the object of the formation of the social group was, is and always will be to satisfy the common needs of the family.  
As these communities, formed by families and individuals, have as exclusive function to serve them on tasks which are proper of the community, the only way to succeed in that goal is by living with the objective of serving others before serving themselves. When individuals within any social group, take the idea of self serving before serving others, this individual becomes a menace to society and the group finds itself in the need to apply corrective measures. If the malaise becomes generalized, the social organization crumbles in corruption and self destroys.
Socially, it is expected from families and individuals to give, to contribute towards society with the necessary resources to served in the best possible way the needs of the families and individuals conforming the community. This action of giving must be voluntary and coming from the heart because love is not to expect retribution other than to allow grow and prosperity by letting freedom flourish and provide common good and justice.  
Freedom is a gift from God that provides us with free will to decide on our own the paths we choose to follow and by virtue of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to feed it with them by will power.
Communities cannot be a task of one person or group of persons and cannot be claimed to be the specialty or expertise of one person or group of persons alone, but of all the families and individuals that form them. Otherwise the society falls victim of the people claiming to possess a prerogative who will invariably end up oppressing everyone in tyranny, likely benefiting only themselves.
Even though leadership is required as it is administration for the community, the investiture or delegation of this responsibility belongs to the families and individuals that make the fibre of the society, the nuclear components that makes it possible.
The community is to serve the individual, not the individual to serve the community. This idea is not in opposition or contradiction to the idea of love emanating from families or individuals for the common good as them are united for the goodness of the people not the community. The idea of equality must persist before God and therefore before the laws that regulate the community, as long as these laws conform God’s ten commandments. The community cannot impose least expect to make of individuals to be equal to each other as the community lacks the power as well as the means to achieve such a perverse ideal.
People cannot be forced by decree to be equal to each other because that will deny everyone the dignity to be before God, and with it the individuality by which we are human beings as created to His image and likeness.
As communities are formed with the purpose of addressing the needs of the individual and families which cannot be or becomes restricted to be, performed by them, its functions and prerogatives are limited by what families and individuals can achieve by themselves. Freedom cannot be limited so that the abilities of the community can be expanded or extended in reach, because, the objectives of common good will be destroyed on behalf of what is beneficial to the elites forcing such an absurdity upon the people.
The strength of the community is in the people that makes it, families and individuals together. The strength of the community is in the power of the individuals and families over the leadership invested with the responsibility of leading the community through the predicaments, good and bad to be encountered.
When strength is expected from forcing the individual to enslave him/herself for the assumed goodness of the whole by imposing abandoning his/her freedoms, the community stops working for the common good and social justice disappears under a cloud of corruption because individuals will start looking for just working on their own benefit and abusing their prerogatives to attain it. Selfishness and individualism will generalize and tyranny and despotism will reign.
Love is giving and is possible only form the individual as it is the individual who has embodied God with the gift and not the community nor any other kind of social gathering can replace it.
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