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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free North America • View topic - Supreme Court to hear Whatcott case

Free North America • View topic - Supreme Court to hear Whatcott case

Why in a so called 'free' society, anyone must has to go through bringing before the Supreme Court, the qualifying of his/her thoughts?

Every year we all are being forced to subsidize an ill named display of 'pride' by a number of people of a 'preferred' class, not just claiming to be better than God but blackmailing a whole culture to bend and ignore their displays of unnatural sex and nudity through the streets of just about every major city in the world.

They surely can claim to have that freedom of expression they so openly deny to everyone even questioning the validity of their moral fiber which must be reflected through displays of open sodomy. It is only too clear that if they could absent themselves from such displays, nothing else would be left for them top offer as a sign of 'pride', because their stance is strictly motivated by the 'urge' they have and their lack of self control.

There is not DNA, genes or anything as such in their 'revolution', nothing but sex, open and boundless, not by gender and not by age or anything else for that matter. Because what their 'pride' is all about, is just slavery to instincts and nothing else.
Very little wonder there is on observing how these bigots of sexual freedom abuse political correctness and the absurdities of the so called

Human Rights commissions to ignore real justice and real freedom.
This, in a free society, is unacceptable... Could it be that we really are not 'enjoying' freedom but nothing but a disguised slavery to those that make the politicians bend backwards, if not forward, when they so feel 'urged' to demand?
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