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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Everything in life is not black and white, a selective pattern which only allows two alternatives. This nevertheless, does not mean not to exist issues where the choices are as blatantly clear as black and white.
The foundation and strength of the collective social approach is based on the assumption that there are some people more gifted than others and for that reason, these people have a sort of divine gift and beyond it, mandate, to impose their plan upon others.
Without a doubt, there are people more gifted than others in several areas and most definitively, not in all areas all the time; with wonderful special gifts but these especial qualities are not to be vehicles of oppression but as means towards common good and social justice, from the individual not from any collective scheme. Even the less gifted are capacitated to provide a contribution for the common good as are as blessed by God as each and everyone else.
As much as a person might enjoy gifts that make them look as rising above the rest, there are many others which by their humility are able to rise even higher above everyone and these are the ones that truly become exemplary to the rest of us.
The justification to forcefully collectivize any group of people based on the presumption of everyone, else, of course, is mediocre or uncultivated, or not as intellectual, or whatever the excuse is, because at the end, is nothing but excuses to dominate and acquire an edge, an advantage over the rest. For whatever the reason is behind the idea, the intention is the same, to control and dominate, while the goals might vary.
Humility is not to recognize to be mediocre but be humble, to be last, it is not to diminish the self to the level of irrational animals driven exclusively by instincts as any inferior creature in the universe, but to feel dignified before God as created by Him to His image and likeness. Humility is not a sense of pride in what we made of us but good for how God as made us; rational creatures, loved by Him in a close relationship with Him with faith, hope and charity.
To be mediocre, is to concede our nature to be manipulated and altered by those who claim to be superior by own right to the rest of us living in a lower universe than them, the elites.
We must love the elites because even if they can become our enemies, our humility will teach them the truth about the reality of their own nature, as equal members of the human species, as loved by God and therefore for their own salvation, to give them hope, while we reject the idea that by being submissive to them we will under any stress of imagination help them or ourselves.
What collectivism can offer us is fools gold which in essence is nothing but illusions of comfort and happiness while surrendering our freedom and capacity to love, God or our neighbours.
When we accept to be controlled by collectivism, even if the idea is to be ‘enjoying’ a democratic reign of the majorities, which is fallacious in its own meaning, we are delivering ourselves to our own selfishness and therefore, while accepting to be less than the elites, we pretend to be more than others, contributing thereby to an entanglement of confusion which serves only to the ability of the ones telling you to be superior to exercise that superiority.
Love is tied to the individual and so we cannot call love what we force upon others through the power of the elites, confiscating vital resources from the ones that have risked and worked for what they have earned and for which they will have to respond only to God, not to society, or imposing restrictions to the point of stagnating prosperity and growth, insinuating the destruction of life, considering to be the impediment to progress.
We are all created equal and therefore are equal before God and the law that is written accordingly with the law of God. We are not equal to each other because of the variety of gifts and limitations we have. The love we have for our neighbours has to be based on the former type of equality not the imaginary later.
Sin is anything we do that in one way or another set us apart from God, that keep us away form Him. Because He loves us so much, sin offends Him and threats our salvation. It is thereby of imperative importance to recognize and to distance ourselves from sin and to avoid exposing ourselves to temptation or distracting ourselves dismissing sin as something harmless.
The mediocrity invested by collectivism, upon everyone but the elites that control it, prefers to incite the ignorance of sin avoiding its recognition because as in the times of Babel and its tower, elites only seek to be as great as God is, creating their own heaven on earth which they need to seed with sin in order to keep the people distracted and wilfully oppressed.
Mediocrity is more clearly perceived when we decide that the ideas of the people are divided in a universe that has been already arranged so to give room to both good and evil, entangled and mixed in a mesh that find peace only in centrism or in looking for the good of one side and the good in the other. The reality shocks us when we realize that by surrendering part of our freedom, we loose all of it and so by accepting collectivism if only just partially and marginally, under the idea to be embracing a better and balanced world, all we are doing is to open the door to our full and complete surrender. Collectivism does not recognize limits or boundaries and its elites in power want nothing less than full control and power over the masses, ignoring the fact that those ‘masses’ are made of individuals, dignify before God and possessing their own identity and relationship with Him. The system will claim ownership over them and reject the idea of even the existence of God as they want that role too.
God did not created mediocre but provided us with gifts to be free and to be loving creatures, of Him over and above everything and anything and of our neighbours as ourselves.

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