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Sunday, September 26, 2010

If Society is to survive, Tea Party Movement Must Go International

If Society is to survive, Tea Party Movement Must Go International

The Tea Party concept or idea is a fight against the establishment, the wrong establishment which has polluted the world, not just the United States and not just Canadian politics but the whole world. Of course the 'Tea Party' is perhaps in recognition of that Tea Party that in the Boston harbor ignited the American war for independence, nevertheless, it is the inspiration to what the movement is and conveys as a message.

The message is simple; freedom and life, growth and prosperity for the people by the people. The reaction is against the trend we see everywhere in the world; a bunch of traitors in partnership with a bunch of cowards, surrendering everything, included the life of their children, to the wishes and designs of self proclaimed elites in the form of intellectuals and self serving politicians who insist on having the perfect design for all of us and at the same time claiming to be the ones capable to follow that design, because the rest of us are nothing but inept and under-educated.

What the establishment sells of course is peace, as in the shape of a world comradeship of nations subjugated under the power and control of the United Nations. This is nothing new and has been in the minds of human beings since day one and most noticeable as represented in the Bible by the Tower of Babel and what it pretended. Globalization is not going to bring peace to anyone but submission and indignities because, as we see predicated by the media today and just about every collectivist, in their minds; families could be any type of association and marriage could be any type of union and children, of course, they are disposable because peace, is nothing but a selfish sentiment of selfish individualism where ironically, the individual is destroyed by his/her thirst for being more, for having more, which obviously it is the state which can offer it.

It is then that ideal of a human being being no more, because everything is dictated by who can control more in an imaginary power over everyone and everything. We have been here as well. The Bible too give us plenty of examples, from the selfish decision of the Pharaoh and Herod trying to preserve their kingdoms to the selfless sacrifice of the true martyrs in the roman coliseums and all the saints all the way to our days.

I mention the Bible not because is the only reference but because it is the reference where all can be seen and which of course, not surprisingly, is persistently attacked because of that. Every history book however, can show the same examples over and over again although without moral foundation.

The movement we are calling today the Tea Party, is a movement where humans are claiming to be free and accountable only to God and where families out of marriages as unions of one man to one woman, are the only acceptable foundation of society as guarantor of every right, not giver, but just guarantor.

Peace, true peace, is not the absence of war but the embracing of the truth and that truth is what being put aside by the establishment today on behalf of a new and very degrading kind of slavery, because if in the past centuries, slaves where by force asked to renounce their humanity, today it is by gifts and promises of plenty without any accountability and responsibility that the trap is set.

The one way to claim back our freedom is to rid ourselves of the establishment that is trying to force this upon us but in order to do that we must recognize the omnipotence of God our creator and only living God because He is the one that gives us the humanity we want to reposess.
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