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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Accidentally created

We are what we are; however, we exist, not just because we think but because we are. Nevertheless the fact that we are does not imply distinction as it is evident to all our senses that we do exist in a world where many other exist wit us, some of the same nature as us, some not, we all inhabit this world and in our nature, we are part of an ecological balance.
The possibility of this balance to be, to exist, is a consequence of the natural environment in which we all reside in and to which we all contribute and feed from for our survival.
In that natural complexity, we humans have a preponderant role, because it is with the gifts we have naturally acquired by inception of our natural being, that we have the ability to be above the rest of the creation, being either the custodians or the destroyers of a world that is naturally at our mercy because of our nature, because of what we are.  
We humans can discern between what is good and what is not, what is positive and what is not, we can identify between the different species in the natural kingdom, beyond the boundaries of our primary needs, but by virtue of the gift of knowledge we possess by being human. With that knowledge, we have as well understanding as another gift that will allow us to resolve and reflect, the strength to accept the challenges and vicissitudes we encounter, the science to investigate and seek the truth about things, the council needed to live in harmony with other humans. Beyond all these gifts, we possess too the ability to be pious, to love and over and above all of them, the fear of God, which make us look for God, for the superior being to explain our existence. It is with these gifts that we become superior above all other beings over the face of the earth, and it is because of these gifts that we have freedom and free will, and the responsibility that make freedom to be in its own nature what it is.
Of course, science has given us lots and lots of self assurance and with it confusion and arrogance and, as it is in our nature, consequence of our doing, we also have vices and weaknesses, we tend to try to be more than what we really are or to place ourselves where we don’t belong and so, while we look for that superior being, confused in our reason to exist, we feel superior enough as to declare ourselves to be that superior being, found and case solved.
To reach such a conclusion we must eliminate any vestige of our own origins and so we have decided that nature makes us not different but equal to each other, because our origin is consequence of some accidental chemistry that happened long ago, far enough as to generate an evolutionary chain of accidental facts that are so long in time that they become imperceptible to our senses and which is claimed, do ‘explain’ the apparent stagnation of such a process.
The superior self that ‘science’ has isolated and identified, is then nothing but a matter of evolution where more superior beings are being produced by this infinite sequence of accidental facts and which it is now producing these ones that are equal but not really, because they truly are superior, otherwise they would not be, unless they who know by scientific achievement tell us that they are no more that equal. Therefore in their wisdom, these lords of knowledge and intellect, of theories that need not to be proven or which must not be questioned, predicate the equality between one and another but to themselves.
Of course the reaches of this theory made fact, are limitless because accidents are something that we cannot predict and are so bound to happen without predictability and that is why this could change at a moment notice, when a new accident erases the preceding one. No need for more to explain because otherwise, everything could be explained and it would not be an accident anymore, one or many, or infinite, accidents need no explaining, just acceptance, blind and an unquestionable agreement. Intellect suddenly becomes just assenting, concession to a condition of dumbness and strict instinct or submission to it and thereby our metamorphosis, our transformation into one more species in the natural kingdom, worshipping whatever comes in our way as we are denied the capacity to think and reason, only follow, concerned only we being fed and kept alive giving our instincts the freedom without boundaries our nature would otherwise impede.
Negating our own nature however, bring us below the levels of other inhabitants in our planet and for that matter in the whole universe, because everything else is living to their own natural place in the cosmos.
The explanation that comes to grasp, the one that has repetitively been presented before us, even though we keep distorting its meaning to the point of seeking false gods and deities, because from them our nature itself can be distorted and made a product of that theory of accidental evolution, a religion of complacence and tolerance of everything that is being only accidental in its own right and therefore acceptable or otherwise intolerable and not acceptable.
The only problem with the theory of accidental evolution is everything, because in the same note that our gifts provide us with the ability to imagine and be creative, it is only in our minds that we can create anything and this theory is nothing but one more product of human creativity which of course has as an ideal to create that superior race that is above the rest in natural ‘equality’. The complexity of the theory excludes dissenters as evil haters of the followers and so the masses are ‘naturally driven’ not to confront but to destroy them.
The truth is much simpler, because our gifts allow us to see that there cannot be other truth but of having been created by one single loving God.
There is no consequence without a cause and so accidents per say, do not happen just because, but because of laws which start somewhere. Natural law does not change. Humans do not create anything; we only invent with what is already created or discover what is already created.
An infinite chain of accidental fact is what chaos is, and chaos makes everything different and if that is the case, there would not be many species but just one in infinite number of shapes and natures, each with its own instincts. Genetics would be a matter of accidental consequence and not a code establishing the natural being of an specific species.
Chaos serves only the purpose of the authors of such a proposal, to dominate or exclude, to divide and conquer, to promote selfishness as the only way out of a world of our making because we want to be the inceptors of the next accident, the one that will make us rise over and above the rest providing us with that messianic stance to be able to set up the pace of survival and the distinction between what is good and what is bad and with it what is evil and what is not.
In such a chaotic universe, the universe itself would not be possible as we know it because of the infinite expansion and infinite probabilities.
The universe has been created by God, one and living, creator of life and nature. His own nature as omnipotent and almighty, defies our understanding, gift of the Holy Spirit, the third person in the Holy Trinity and giver of life, therefore, it is beyond our own nature to fully understand His true nature.
However, He has created us humans to His image and likeness and so He has giving us the dignity to be individuals equal before Him but unique to Him and so fully individually accountable to Him.
Jesus, His only Son, came as a man to redeem us, to save us bringing us the truth about our existence, from His incarnation to His resurrection and the Holy Eucharist; He gave us the path to follow to achieve salvation. He told us that nothing is impossible to God so we should not get to entangled in technicalities, even though the importance of tradition and scripture. He warned us about sin and of falling to become dependent of it. He warned us too of false prophets, wolves dressed in sheepskin. He over and above everything, resumed the Ten Commandments into two, the first being to love God over and above everything and anything, followed by loving our neighbour as ourselves. He asked us to love and forgive, love giving and only giving, not expecting reward or retribution, just giving, to God first and to everyone else after.
There is not accidental creation, only ‘created accidents’.
God is our creator and loves us beyond the reaches of our imagination and we can always come back to Him while there is time, while we are alive in this world.
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