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Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome Newcomers!

This is the never ending story and it will happen over and over again, because this country is attractive, not necessarily to the ones that want to get through the front door, to work and prosper in a land with abundant opportunities, but to the ones that after all the goodies our society of plenty has to offer; free medical attention, free residence, free care, free… everything. All paid by the government who will be always ready to confiscate from the hard working ones… so that all of this is possible.
Perhaps it’s time to just leave the doors open, to everyone and save all the trouble by simply letting anyone in and make them enjoy our paradise… No more immigration problems.

While we are at it, perhaps it will be important to spend some effort on letting all these people; full of expectations about the new ideas and ideals in this new land of opportunity to learn about their new life.  
If they have gone through so much effort and risk to protect their families, they need to do it no more, because the law in Canada has a new vision and so, there is no law that protects life before birth because a baby in the womb belongs to the mother, literally and so she can decide, with the help of physicians always ready to kill for a buck, to rid themselves of their offspring because here in Canada that is allowed and is called a right to choose… the killing of their babies this is… and it is politically correct and so the media will find it acceptable and not debatable and so will the Prime Minister. So, all that effort on saving the lives of their children … off course, it was their choice.
Oh that’s right, marriage by law is just a union between anything with anything because collectivism reigns and requires that the only social foundation be the government and their elites and so, no more it is one man and woman in union exclusive to every one else.
Hopefully these new Canadians will find their new lands acceptable… wait!
They do not need to, because we have multiculturalism as well, which allow any of these newcomers no only to keep but even to impose their cultural trends right here, which makes the whole effort kind of … futile, but well, they would not get anything for free over there, would they? And if the get home sick, there is always patience. Wait three or four years, become a Canadian, go back home to live there and come back only as required for medical attention… make sure to keep some address handy so to stay within the ‘rules’.
Of course the only thing they cannot change is to upset those women that see in their ‘right to kill’ their children some sort of purification process and so migrants to Canada be warned. No laws to protect life… human life this is, animal life is protected to the extremes and often more valuable than that of some humans.
Last but not least, if you dare to have any urge to prosper; be aware, the government is after you because it is broadly discouraged and so the first impediment will come from your neighbour politician who has another invented right under the sleeve, to suck you dry on your earnings at every level, from your income and from everything he or she will consider you to be doing that they dislike, specially if you affect any of their partners and friends, who will be ready to lend you money so that you can look prosperous while owing them your life… literally.
Taxes will force your wife to work with you, again, as a necessity, so that taxes can be paid for this new wonderful life and if not, then divorce is so handy, simple and easy… the children? Not to worry if women have the right to kill them before they are born, why anybody care about them once they are born. They are always at the mercy of teachers in the schools which would make sure to follow government’s tactics to keep them instructed about the most intimate details of their sexuality, from the earliest age and voila! All the issues in education will be dealt with… after all, that is why you would pay taxes in the first place, but only if you want to prosper, otherwise, the government has wonderful programs to keep your vote coming while making sure you live from the taxes otherwise you’d be paying.
Nothing like free choice… Eh?
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