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César Fernández-Stoll
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Many of us live entrapped in the past, slave of it, for something that happened or something that did not happen, events that left indelible marks, scars that produced bars with locks, that made escaping impossible and unlikely in self incarceration.
Many others too, live entrapped in the future, always concerned with what it will be, not just to themselves but to the universe altogether, and the jail that holds them is made of dreams and nightmares, thinking on how good it will be or how disastrous, only if acting now means not to enjoy today so that they can enjoy tomorrow, so that they won’t enjoy today because otherwise, they will loose tomorrow, even before the impossibility of know how far tomorrow is and much it will last, at either end, the anxiety to control to the point of assuming ownership of the present in the lives of everyone else, pushes them to drag, to suck; others into their slavery, into their prisons, not living and not letting live.
The beauty of our presence of mind is in our ability of understanding reality, of being able to appreciate the present not ignoring the past, or dismissing the future, but being able to place them in their own perspective.
The past is preterit to the present, is gone, and all is left of it, is our capacity to absorb experience and with it, knowledge and understanding so that we can build on our strength to avoid repeating mistakes or to enjoy more what was lost before.
The future is a consequence of the present and so, it is not a very good idea to dismiss the present on behalf of having our mind set on the future as a main priority on our lives. To blame the future for the past is to ignore the present and to become mere spectators, bystanders, in the journey of our lives, not even extras or supporting characters, but something like the paint on the wall.
Somewhere someone once said; the past is history, the future is mystery, only the present is under our control to deal with, to enjoy.
Our journey through life is much too precious to let it go by unnoticed. If we pay close attention to everything that goes on, on a single day, we will notice a day full of events, and if we reflect upon them positively, we will realize that even the most negative one, can have a positive outcome should we put the mercy of God on them, our attention and participation, not to impose our will but to let ourselves be part of the will of God. This is not a matter of becoming oblivious to the truth but to rather live the truth with intensity and passion.
As humans, we are especial creatures of God, as we are created to His image and likeness, we have dignity, as we have the gift of freedom, we have free will and with it we have responsibility and are accountable for our choices and decisions which is what make our experience and our path through life. Because we are free, we are individuals and thereby as such, we have an individual relationship with God and part of that individuality is our identity. We are social because we love, not like certain species of inferior order which simple gather and follow a strong leader.
Our freedom capacitates us to focus selfishly only on ourselves or to love, to give and to forgive. As for the former, we cannot serve that individual relationship with God; because we have ourselves to worry and to focus on, thereby we end up ignoring everything and anything that goes outside of our little exclusive but fake universe where we are not just the sun, but also everything else.  
The later instead, enriches our existence with the gift of being useful to the plan God has on each and every one of us. Love is giving without expecting retribution; it is what connects people together socially and to God. To love we must not ignore ourselves, because we must put ourselves to the mercy of others, loving our neighbour as ourselves after loving God over and above everything and anything. Love is giving and is therefore forgiving because nobody can truly  and genuinely love, being full of scars and resentment and hate in their souls. We cannot give when we are so worry about keeping. We need to let go on what impedes us to fully love, God first, and ourselves and our neighbour.
We cannot expect common good and social justice if love is not at the front in the equation as love is the only possible force to provide either. Because love can only proceed from the individual; common good and social justice can only proceed from the individual.  
When we take it upon ourselves to impose upon others what we might see as common good or social justice, all we accomplish is the confusion of instigating selfishness on everyone, because what we proclaim and predicate is the intrusion in our lives perturbing the purity of our freedom, dismissing our individuality on behalf of individualism, dismantling the purpose of God’s plan into someone else’s plan, a very self focussed mind, an anti-thesis of love.  We renounce loving on behalf of being loved.
When we let others think on our behalf, or worst, letting them be the only ones to think, we surrender our ability to realize the present letting them to control our lives by making our souls tools of their dominance, our past and future forcing us to abandon our humanity.
To learn is not to blindly obey but to reflect and apply and then to keep learning. When we let a group of elites take over our lives under the suggestion of being taken care and live without worry and in safety; we delude ourselves onto a fallacious ideal, an illusion, a mirage in a desert that is not going to stop being that, just a desert, a wilderness full of dangers for which we have abdicated our natural ability to deal with.
We must always focus on the present because it is what we can control by virtue of our free will, jealously and protectively. The control we have on the present is what makes our freedom so real and precious.
Jesus warned us of false prophets, wolves hiding under sheepskins.
It is the culture of those false prophets what we see before us today, asking us to live sorry of our past and trying to control our present by presenting before us an apocalyptic and catastrophic future. As if they had any true control on anything.
These false prophets, attack religion, meaning to attack the truth, while embracing the most dangerous of the religions and fundamentalisms, those ones of selfishness, of becoming gods in their own farcical unrealities, insisting on equivalence amongst people’s faiths thereby dismissing the truth as something relative to the circumstances, predicating tolerance while having very little tolerance for anyone daring to step on their course of inhumanity, preaching as their postulates their faith on the environment, evolution and sodomy, which naturally requires of the destruction of the family, marriage and life itself and with it the future.
This is the culture of collectivism; government by the elites, the reign of the devil and his evil and malign resources for the destruction of humanity, a culture of death for every soul. They defend sin by dismissing it, because they are fully aware of the slavery of sin over the souls of people that see only the convenience of their individualism under the false gods of collectivism.
Love our neighbour, including our enemies, but abhor sin.
Jesus lived amongst the worst sinners not to embrace sin but to embrace the sinners and to rescue them from their wrong choices, to liberate them and put them in control of their own lives in their true meaning which is to love God over and above everything and anything.
To start rejecting sin the best time is always the present.
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