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César Fernández-Stoll
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Friday, August 6, 2010


Life and freedom are amongst the most important gifts God has given us, if not the most.
We are so used to appreciate our freedom as an allowance to do as we feel pleased, not as our ability to chose and decide the paths but as a right to see that path as always the proper one to follow.
When a tyrant or for that matter, any type of authority, puts chains on us or ties or restricts our ability to move, we tend to believe that our freedom has been restricted. Naturally, to be or feel restrained means to have lost our freedom to move, but it is not the most important thing to be detained or incarcerated. The most important loss in our freedom is when we abandon that ability to choose by ourselves, the truth. We can be physically in chains, but our freedom will remain intact.
Freedom is a gift by which we become accountable in our actions to the One and only living God. This means our choices are not always right and not always the best and for them we must be ready to live through the consequences of every choice we make.

When we choose, we are doing it so with respect to the intimate relationship that exist between each and every individual and God as our creator and Lord, as the way to receive an answer about the type and quality of the decisions we make.
When we place ourselves at the front of all our choices as well as the center, what we do is to ignore our relationship with God, because otherwise we would be placing Him at the center and at the front of our lives, which evolves from the sequence of decisions we made.
There is no wonder then, on the most important commandment; to love God over and above everything and anything, because it is in fact our recipe for a better living.
The second most important commandment, to love our neighbour as ourselves, is also critical as it prevents us from distracting our attention from ourselves and towards the people around us. This too, is an important recipe for better living because by the measure we treat our neighbour is what we will expect to be treated and more important, by loving our neighbour we will be providing peace and truth to our lives.
To love our neighbour, as Christ taught us, includes especially, our enemies, because if not, in what other way can we show and transmit the truth of the word of God? To love our enemies does not imply to betray our friends nor it means to blindly accept or tolerate what our enemies wrongs there might be, but to be loyal to the truth of the word of God and make them accessible to it.
Our enemies, nevertheless, can become lost in their own selfishness to the point of embracing the designs of the malign, evil in itself, the devil; and therefore and thereby, representing a threat to common good or social justice, or growth and the prosperity of others and so the need to be persistently and permanently, present with the truth to combat their misguidance and mischief, to the last consequence.
Throughout the history of the world, we witness events and episodes showing us the way to fight and win over evil and truth and love are the main component as it is reflected in the sacrifice of each and every martyr and saint as well as many other pious people. The ways of the strongest empires, the ones that nobody in their time would dare guessing to one day disappear, by fighting the truth in the most inhumane and horrific methods, they only managed to architect their demise and disappearance and the truth has come always triumphant.
Jesus asked us to deny ourselves and follow Him, as by letting Him be the one driving force in our lives, we can manage to remove ourselves from the temptation of placing our own egos, our own selves, to the center, abandoning God’s most important commandments and be the last by being humble.
Evil has evil ways and the centerpiece of each and everyone one of them is the prevalence of the ‘me’, the ‘I’, the ego, the self, as the anti-thesis of love, with forgiveness, the true centerpiece of goodness.
Life and freedom can only be protected by being perseverant and staunching in the defence of the truth and the expression of the word of God with faith, hope and charity, the true recipe for happiness and salvation.
When we limit our lives to see only ourselves, we miss the miracle of life and the greatest wonders of our nature. Even the most self confident, tend to fear loosing their control and tend to ignore of merely avoid accepting anyone else involvement other than for some advantage.
Loneliness is a condition of the soul and selfishness is a vehicle to loneliness.
When we abandon our neighbour, from the closest to the physically farthest, we become lonely and lost in our own self, we, in effect, abandon ourselves to our own ego. We renounce to laugh, unless is to satisfy our own ambitions, we smile not comforting anyone but ourselves, we become cynical and false, we turn ourselves into a farce.
Happiness cannot be related to being lonely and therefore happiness cannot be related to being selfish, because happiness is complete and diametrical opposition to what selfishness represents.
Very little mystery exists when selfishness seems never satisfied, never satiated of its gains of its achievements, because it cannot be satisfied, because it needs to go looking for the end to that loneliness, unfortunately, trapped into that idea of being the centre of everything, that everything and everyone needs to be moving because they move, acts because they act. They confuse such a condition, which is self motivated; with leadership, foolishly falling into the paradigm of loneliness, disconnecting themselves from whoever they imagine to be ‘leading’, generating pain and suffering amongst those that fall with them into such an absurdity.
Love God over and above everyone and anyone and your neighbor as yourself. The best answer to the every issue and every ailment, the secret of happiness, life and freedom.
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