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César Fernández-Stoll
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Imposed Life Style

History teaches us of the many attempts made by humans trying to achieve the perfect balance in society, that condition by which everyone is satisfied and happy… Only to find that the system eventually crumbles from within because what is imposed upon everyone in the name of equality by the less righteous surely instigated by the evilness of the malign, the ultimate promoter of destruction and chaos.

Throughout history as well, God has been persistently seeking us, with love and so as humanity bends to the pressures of vanity, greed, pride, gluttony, laziness, wrath, arrogance, and every other weakness, it is only at the time when it feels more powerful than God, that the goodness of the system dissipates and becomes unsustainable and therefore dimmed for annihilation for self imposed destruction and disappearance, to be looked at in the future with admiration and sadness, blindly qualifying the reasons for the consequences as unexplained.

Our times are not different and our systems neither, the signs of the impositions of our times are clear and definitive. In order to acquire the so much desired equality between people, the truth has been made relative to the wishes of the ones that consider their life styles, the ultimate way, claiming only to be free while stepping on everyone else’s freedoms which implicitly entails disregard for accountability and responsibility and ultimately the enslaving of the rest of the people submitted to the wills of what is considered the rule of the majority.

Life styles there are many and of a variety of tastes as they are simply choices taken in the path of life to live one way or the other. The choices people make, are nothing but the exercise of a freedom, a fundamental liberty gift from God which when misplaced as a concession of the system becomes and imposition of slavery unless going according to the will of God.

As pundits jump in protest to reject the commandments of our Lord God as arbitrary or extemporary, they refuse to see the truth behind them and the impossibility of substitution. Ten commandments given to the chosen people through Moses, condensed by Jesus into two, to love God over and above everything and anything and to our neighbour as ourselves.

The farce of rejecting to be governed by religion when imposing their imaginary new pagan gods upon all, becomes the most frequent excuse to keep the people absent from the truth.

Be it money, power, or a combination of both, or simply lust imposing the destruction of family and marriage and the killing of children and elders and incapacitated, the imposition of their religion of death is meant to destroy the truth of the presence of God in our lives and the finding of the truth and love in our lives. Faith, hope and charity are replaced by imposition with fear, despair and selfishness as the ways of controlling and negating human souls redemption and reconciliation with God.

As it has been in the past it will be today and God in His divine plan, will take care of the details and those who have exercised their free to choose and gone towards the evil ambitions of these fallacious and selfish systems that try to make of everyone a minion of collectivism and individualism, pursuing only what appears to be beneficial to the self while attending only their egos, the I, me, mine, which imposes intrinsically into them all the religion of collectivism.

Under such an illusionary world, it becomes obvious the appearance of religions for the environment, for the weather, for the beauty of the body, for sex, for unlimited pleasures; everything for the self living our neighbours to the care of themselves under a new definition of responsibility which is always of someone else and never our own.

As humanity, after the great flood, have been drifting apart from the truth by stubbornly presuming to be self sufficient dismissing our need for God and His love, once more in history we live adrift lost in the sea of the uncertainty of invented thoughts and the so called progress that keeps trying while producing so much suffering and pain.

God almighty and omnipotent is indestructible His love for all of us will prevail and triumph and it has in the past and will in the future.
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