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César Fernández-Stoll
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Our lives are made out of a sequence of lived experiences, of events and situations that are presented before us. They are a sequence because they are consequent to its own progress through time.

There are those who see this progress as a sequence of accidentally occurring events and there are those who see a master plan behind these events, situations consequent of the wishes of a higher authority, a divine plan that is written upon each of us for our salvation and that of others.

The first group, see their free will as a vehicle to avoid those accidents that could produce something they will understand as negative and detrimental to their existence and so they tend either to abdicate to others the progress in their lives or simply to hide behind what appears to be comfortable and away from risk and exposure. Of course in this group there are those as well who claim to be in control of everything mostly because of the resources in hand to support such a stance. These resources are material or intellectual and they empower them to constitute themselves as elites over masses of people who are not qualified enough to live their lives on their own, to be free to exercise their own free will. They become the masters of their destiny the owners of their fate.

The group that believes in a superior plan, tend to recognize their own free will and therefore finds the need to worship God, the superior being that not only own the master plan in their lives but that is our creator, almighty and omnipotent. Of course too, there are within this group those who tend to ignore their free will and thereby see no need in doing anything considering their destiny to be marked and therefore futile to ‘fight’ temptations or to resist them.

Nevertheless, God has provided us with free will and the freedom to act on our own and thereby, be responsible and accountable for our actions and decision and choices. Created to His image and likeness, we have the dignity other beings in the universe do not possess and our free will gives us the individuality and identity to live in a close relationship with our creator because of the special condition we have over all creation and so we are accountable before God for everything that crosses our path or the paths we cross, we are responsible for animals and plants, the environment and for the preservation of life and freedom.

As we tend to control more and more of our lives, we tend to build on illusions of power we simply do not have.

On either sense; believing to be consequential to an accidental chain of events or, to be over exceeding on our freedom forcing us to believe being as powerful as God, as to alter the pure essence of His nature, surpassing Him not just in His control over nature but also over the essence of good and evil; on either sense, we foolishly fall into the abysms of a world built of illusions and imagery, a world which is not real but only in our imagination.

Of course it is tangible in what appear to give but it is more real on what is capable of taking away or destroying, because our own nature becomes exposed as we tend to go far beyond everything that is real to embrace what is only a wish, an intention or a mirage in the progression our live is.

Power and control is not commandment from God and therefore is not in the divine plan for our salvation, a plan needed because of our original sin and which is precisely represented in that terrible sin of disobedience that produced in all of us death, disease and suffering. Because the original sin is the act of disobedience to that divine plan seeking power and control to be as God is.

God commandment is to grow and multiply, to prosper for the goodness of the world placed under our custody, to use the limited powers invested upon over nature to produce common good, not selfish rewards, social justice supported by love not revenge, to be humble cautiously controlling our pride not to let it fall into the depths of building our ego, or trying to worship our degrading and unnatural life styles, instead of comforting and counselling. For this is that the Holy Spirit invested each and everyone of us with special gifts.

Art is a vehicle of expression that can be powerful in presenting models which cannot easily be represented in real life.

By using illusion to represent these models, as it is possible to provide scenarios which perhaps might improve lives or better of homes and families. The most successful pieces of art, tend to be the ones that accommodate to the power of the individual to abide with God’s plan, because so it is in our nature. Imagination takes on everything and supports anything, but only when these are the ways of the Lord, it is those ones audiences tend to like.

Illusion however, still keeps exploring the models that represent that sector which believes in either, an accidental and therefore inconsequent path or, that other were power and control are the objective to be used over others. Interestingly enough, this later group tends to need the enforcement o of imposition by legal arguments which accommodate to their goals and expectations but which have very little to do with what art is and people wants. Subsidizing art, contrary to supporting arts, it is a contribution for power and control through art. This is not exclusive to any one of the seven or eight arts in particular but to all of them in general.

The illusion of artistic expression becomes instrumental in oppressing human nature for the purpose of satisfying wicket souls seeking power and control as opposed to mere solace entertainment or modelling live for the purpose of exploring better ideas.

Another ironic or interesting reality is that models of collectivism and selfishness over love and individuality tend to be less available because of the implicit recognition of these not being received so graciously by the audiences, instead the need is always found to use ‘alternate’ routes, such as the many vampire based stories, with oxymoronic representations of goodness in a fictitious creature that is the product of evil, or glamorizing the lives of those who have made of their own lives models of selfishness and destruction of futures, presents and pasts, in the name of power and control for the elites.

Art is not all illusions, its greatness is in the expression and as such it offers a window to our imagination to come outside and be shared with others to be enjoyed and appreciated and to be put to good use for the common good. Illusions are only meant to entertain and even distract and so its use can be good for the soul to let it relax and rest or it could be a vehicle of evil and destruction of the soul, promoting the wrong goals to those who more easily will assimilate the mirage of their mischief and misconception.

As individuals we all possess the gifts, tools, which allow us to assess the truth and discriminate between what is a true expression of art and what is a mere illusion and beyond that to discern on the depth and reach of such and illusion.

The gifts we possess come from the Holy Spirit and are widely known; understanding, knowledge, science, strength, council, piety and fear of God. Our ability to make proper use of these gifts relies in our ability to liberate our souls from the distractions and temptation the world puts before us. There is no mystery in the strategy constantly pushed by the elites telling us about our incapacity to put our gifts to use because simply they know better.

We might get distracted by the thirst of power and control which we see only possible to acquire by obtaining riches and possessions and thereby our capacity to discern be obscured by the fear of loosing what we have of the opportunity presented before us to get it, letting us to either ascent without reflecting upon the illusions offered as expressions of truth and even love, or to ignore the reality of their intentions most of the times as irrelevant and time wasters.

To take life serious does not mean to live in a state of permanent stress fearing everything, anything and most certainly anyone, not even God. Fear of God is not the same as fearing God as one means to be aware of the consequences of offending Him, the other making of God some sort of monster. To be alert of what is before us, not in fear but in awareness. Fear is never an option but a fall, because it negates the gifts we have to deal with what is real and to avoid what is not or if anything, to put it in the right perspective, to distinguish between truth and illusion, to properly evaluate risks and to act accordingly.

Fear is what is the main tool of those who seek power and control of others and who use despair and desperation and unhappiness as the building blocks of their pyramids, their monuments to elitism.

Faith is the opposite of fear because faith makes us trust and be hopeful through love and charity, what links us in our humanity, what makes us humans distinguishing us from the rest of creation.

Faith is not an illusion, fear is, not because it does not exist, but because it is build upon mirages from the most terrifying to the most fantastic but nevertheless only illusions that only bring us into submission to forces that only seek control and power over our souls.

Faith is what make us reach God and His love and power. God has not created us to control us, otherwise He would not have give us the freedom we enjoy over the whole creation. It is by virtue of that freedom that we can damn ourselves by distancing from His plan, by disobeying His commandments or that we can become saints and reach Him in eternity.

Jesus proved us that there is life after death and that there is Resurrection and taught us of redemption and reconciliation and how to be pious. He saved us with the truth, one and absolute. Truth is not an illusion relative to the extent of our illusions but is reality that we are equipped to deal and live on and by the gift of loving enjoy it.
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