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César Fernández-Stoll
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The power invested in you

Politics is the science of perception, what will be projected from the image, any politician, as an individual will offer. The intensity of this luminosity will be energized by the actions and attitudes of the carrier of that energy.

The job of a politician cannot be a ‘career’ in the professional sense of the activity, because it is a discipline meant to be of service to the community by supporting it in the prosperity that will generate common good and social justice, equally to all and reaching to all.

Justice equal to all is equality before God, not humans, as opposed to humans forced into pretending to be equal, brought to a level of stagnation and immobility where people, when permitted, are born, fed and then let die, with no considerations for dignity or identity.

The former, requires the presence of God, the only living God, in everyone’s lives because it is Him our creator and to whose image we exist with the dignity exclusive to our human nature. The later, imposes the exclusion of God from everyone’s lives as it requires to deny dignity and individuality on behalf of a theocracy responding only to a death god, an inert idol in the body of the state.

Canada is for the last half a century or even more, drifting dangerously towards the later. The panacea of universal health forced upon everyone to ‘enjoy’ without accountability, added to the many impositions disregarding the moral fibre of religious principles and God’s commandments, while exercising power and control, while destroying the soul intending to save the body.

The misused and ill exploited ‘democracy’ is being has been misplaced as a manipulated term implying the wishes of a majority thereby abused to impose anything that is meant to be majority driven, emphatically, dismissing any moral principles.

Ethics is following the rules while morality is following the will of God, the dictates of faith and religion. This does not constitute the existence of any kind of equivalence amongst religions but rather the recognition that only can be true and righteous.

Nations are built under God, despite what the modernism of easy going philosophers could entangle to imply. The laws nations live under, cannot be applied unless the conform the will of God. Any nation that decides to ‘live’ without the presence of God in its laws; is without exception and doubt, condemned to disappear, because law without God is anarchy and thereby chaos and social disarray and ultimate destruction. History is full of such samples, of humans always trying to build their own universes and inventive morals and when God has been put aside or removed, the nation, country, empire; society, crumbled into destruction.

Canada today, exists trying to please everyone as if governing meant to please as opposed to rule by the law. So called human rights have been invented completely ignoring the true gifts of freedom given to each and everyone of us by God our creator.

Killing a child is in our country, protected by the law, a law that goes diametrically opposed to God’s commandments not only ‘not to kill’ but also that of grow and multiply.

Sodomy or the voluntary act of engaging into sexual relations with persons of the same gender, is not only condoned as an uncontrollable action but it is also protected by the law against the truth of its sinful nature. As sodomy is condoned, only hypocrisy prevents it from the inevitable trend this type of ‘protection’ derives to and which sooner or later will become nothing but a next step in the path to human degradation and therefore to hell, and so necrophilia, pedophilia, bestiality and whatever other orgies a human mind without God can ‘conceive’ as rightful.

Tolerance is imposed as a new religion which establishes compassion as the acceptance of sin in any form or shape.

Politics does not need to be a ‘profession’ of corruption and degradation as it can be just what is meant to be, power invested by the people to enforce the law, laws which cannot but go with God’s will, because He is the truth, absolute and unbendable so that freedom in the individual can flourish through the responsibility of his/her actions.

Human rights are not entitlements granted as a favour conditional to persevering power but what the law is written for, so to establish that truth of equality for everyone before God and not to each other.

Love, with faith and hope; will always be the engine that make people happy.

By the power invested to you by the people, I pray for you to see the truth and act upon it with resolve and courage that you are protected by the only living God. Fail to do so, will only achieve your condemnation which you might choose to ignore, but as with any other choice, it will not go without consequences.
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