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Friday, July 30, 2010


Is money the ultimate goal, the end of all means?
Nowadays, it seems, everything is not just measured in terms of money, but everything needs to be, has to be, in terms of money. Money is set as the goal, over anything.
Money is meant to be just a media for exchange of goods and services, not a goal on itself, yet our society has corrupted onto making of money a statement beyond life, family, marriage and most definitively above love and truth. Such a philosophy has degraded our souls to the point of denying everything that is in conflict with the value of money.
Even when charity is concerned, it seems mercy can only be measured in monetary terms, as if charity could be measured by anyone except God alone. If there is crusade or cause to be enrolled, the only acceptable way has been institutionalized as the amount of money it can be contributed, regardless of the individual efforts that could be applied or spent.

Money is for people the way to represent a value a price on the exchange of goods or services and for businesses it is too a way to keep score as the terminology used in accounting to produce a picture of the state of a particular enterprise.
Profits are only a value that is produced representing growth and as can be represented in terms of monetary value, they need to be assessed in terms of the common good they have produced in a just and fair perspective. The morality of business and individual gains therefore, can only be as good as the social impact they produce which needs and must be placed in perspective.
The goal of a business is to make money, but is in the meaning of making money where resides the value of such an expectation.
Jesus warned us not to seek richness making it clear that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to reach heaven.
The only way money can  be driven towards just causes is by making it a task for the individual to use it adequately in concordance with the commandments of God resumed in the two mentioned by Christ; loving God over and above everything and our neighbour as ourselves. The only way to preserve the freedom God has given us is to use all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, from the individual to the society.
It is highly absurd and fallacious to surrender our ability to love, to be charitable, to others, very particularly, governments of every level, as not only this will remove from us the intention, but it will also surrender our freedom to that entity as well as make us renounce the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the elites that will feed out of the ones that need it most, negating the prosperity people need to satisfy the divine mandate of growing and multiplying.
It is not surprising how as the invasion of our lives by government dictates increase, families and marriage are being attacked imposing the killing of children, born or unborn as well as elders and incapacitated and sodomy is seen as the only possible life style, because sodomy is a creed of selfishness that rejects family and life.
When we let elites decide on how to define the proper role of government, we do surrender to them our ability to love, our freedoms, and renounce the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
The distorted value money is given can be corrected by, for starters, exercising pressure over our governing bodies to eliminate taxes of every kind oriented to substitute love, thereby forcing the reduction of the size of the government apparatus to its minimum, or to limit it to the role is meant to assume which is of serving the people and administering common good and safeguarding social justice and for this matter, for this objective, the role of government must be restricted to that of protecting life and freedom, by legislating in simply and concise pieces that life starts at conception and through natural death and that there cannot be rights that suppress basic and fundamental liberties.
As much as we live in a world where the two identifiable forces are capitalism versus socialism, ignoring Christianity; we are being distracted from the truth of the fact which is that what is being imposed through either one is the culture of collectivism which is encompassed in the culture of death and the culture of money, of individualism, hedonism and over and above everything; selfishness, as all this reign of the absurd is only oriented towards satisfying the self, the ego, the I, me and mine, in complete disregard of our neighbours and therefore in denial of love as the natural force of goodness and which can only come from the individuality of the human person.
It is from the individual and by the individual, that a change needs to be forced so that society takes a turn for the better and finds love and truth as the only path towards faith, hope and charity, defeating the fear of the government, replacing it with fear of God, overcoming the despair and desperation, replacing them with hope of eternal life trusting God first, and recovering from having lost our dignity by surrendering our freedoms and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and our ability to love our neighbour and be happy by enjoying the little is needed. 
Knowledge, understanding, strength, science, council, piety and fear of God; are the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
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