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César Fernández-Stoll
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Many Times

Many times has been implored for the sake of our own peace, to engage the truth, to stop living of illusions and to embrace life and freedom, the only true mandate anyone in position of power can claim to have.

Reality shows these requests to have fallen onto deafness and blindness and muteness, and the choice still is for the comfort of social peace hidden behind a sense of protection that imposes paralysis and stagnation while the truth is ignored on behalf of making everyone satisfied when in reality only any one is, any one this is, that cries loud being not tolerated, being discriminated by the system, so the system discriminates and becomes intolerant of anything these virulent predators demand if not command.

A spiral of evil is what is constructed to produce such a nirvana, such a world of perfection only acceptable to whom benefits or profits from it. This spiral only can grow on every round around that solar system that has the ego, the I, the me; as its centre, because it is selfishness inspired by the system what moves it making every one else forced into gravitating around these many egos.

Te truth however is that it is impossible to please everyone and therefore such a universe is as fallacious as imaginary. Nevertheless, its consequences and impact is much too real to go unnoticed. From the dismissal of every moral fibre or even principles to the disappearance of ethics as the rules have no other alternative but to keep changing so that the next crying parasite gets satisfied and so, the demand from the system from the rest becomes more intense and greater.

The mechanics of the system to produce from the people the required resources so to give impulse to this panacea of tolerance is tributes in the form of taxes and the spiral of evil grows as the taxation process grows and life and freedom is abandoned for the sake of peace, fake appeasement that can only be worth anything in the hearts of the cowards that are ready to sell everything so that they and they alone are protected.

Taxes are as unavoidable as death, so it’s been said. Taxes though in excess, worst than death, become a vehicle of slavery and oppression. The fair level of taxation to be fair, can only be limited to the ability of the people. Discriminating amongst the people to pretend to be applying justice, is discrimination and is not justice. The only way to be just in taxation is to apply them not discriminating, seeing everyone equally before the law, disregarding their condition and current status. Common good can only be offered by the rule of law, where the people is equal before God and so the law is according to God’s will.

It might be often complicated to understand the will of God, but as we have already being blessed by His commandments and blessing, what is simple is to see where evil can become the intrusive force that forces everyone to ignore God.

When the system imposes upon everyone ‘acceptance’ of murdering unborn babies, elders and incapacitated, only because of the crying of the selfish that claim to have the right to kill them so that they can ignore their own responsibilities, when the system imposes upon everyone to embrace and even celebrate the pride of degrading humanity to unnatural sexual practices forcing the voidance of every basic and fundamental liberty on behalf of satisfying the selfish who claim not to have control over their own appetites, when family and marriage, institutions that are God’s creation as the only mean to grow and multiply, His original command; are forced to be dislocated when not destroyed so that the selfish and adulterous can be satisfied, when freedom, gift of God to each and everyone of us, needs to be relegated to be dependent upon wishes of ‘majorities’ as if majorities had command over the will of God the creator of us all; it becomes so simple to see the presence of evil. When the system bends over backwards to satisfy the wishes of the selfish, the system becomes corrupt and is dimmed to its own destruction and disappearance.

History tells us of empires and wonderful kingdoms that have come and gone reduced to nothing and always it has been the powers from within what have forced and accelerated the process of destruction, and those forces have always been identified with the evil of the same vices and the tolerance of evil as we are seen in the current world. Evil never triumphs but it always destroys and it is God who triumphs over evil and only the righteous and just are the ones who emerge triumphant with Him as His followers.

Our days are marked by the plenty of scientific achievements and the development of communications, and these will only be useful when in use on behalf of common good and social justice, when they are in use to propagate the word of God and His love for each and everyone of us. Our days unfortunately, are marked by the misuse of these advancements on behalf of destroying the presence of God form our lives and for the dissemination of evil as the norm.

The challenge we all confront is the war against evil in all its shapes and forms. It is by far more dangerous the destruction of our future in the killing of babies and the destruction of our souls in the killing of elders and incapacitated and the destruction of the truth in the avoidance of family and marriage, than the menace presented by misguided religious fanatics.

The forces of evil take every advantage to exploit every aspect and every conflict natural in the nature of humanity to impose its inhumanity.

It is therefore of upmost importance to reverse the trend assumed and start by imposing upon the system to engage in the protection of life and freedom as the only mandates needed.

To protect life by making the law to clearly establish that life starts at the time of conception and through natural death and that it is not up to people to claim any right to choose for the life or death of anyone, not of the self and not of anyone else.

To protect freedom by making the law specific to limiting the prerogative of any government to expand imposing excessive taxation mechanisms designed only to pretend to displace God as the only ruler of our hearts and souls.

From God to the individual and from this to his/her government.
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